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Jock Pussy!

by funandbold on Aug 21, 2019
Gay Male

Colin and I had met at a party. We hit it off and we met up at his place a couple of days later. Colin is an upperclassman, very hot and very built! He's prime jock meat! I keep in great shape, and I have a big dick. Early on I fucked a lot of chicks and loved it, but when I got to college things changed, pussy was difficult to come by, and I was always hor...

Taking the Neighbor Ch. 08

by jjdtx on Mar 6, 2018
Gay Male

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. *** Melissa and I fucked again in the pool house, then headed inside for a hot shower, then off to bed. She was dozing when I got a text from Allen. "You up?" "Yes" I replied. "How was the rest of the evening with Wendy?" "Great, still no head, but jerked me off!" "Are you home yet?...

Movie Piss

by TonyYates on Mar 25, 2019
Gay Male

Jamie told me he wanted to go see a movie, so we walked up to Union Station; it was 10 blocks away from the house. I cannot remember what the movie was, but I DO remember that each time Jamie took a drink of his extra large lemonade, he would hit my leg with his leg and smile. At first, I thought it was just a mistake, but after the 3rd time he bumped my thi...

Sexting: Father and Son Ch. 01

by IncestLuv920 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

This is the conversation that took place over the phone via texting. Of course, names have been changed. * Cedric: Hey Matthew: Hey Cedric: What roles? Matthew: Father and son. You've just come in from baseball practice with your uniform still on. I'm upset because you have come home late. Cedric: How old am I? Matthew: Eighteen Cedric: I'm sorry dad...

Daddy's Little Pig

by Jae804 on Jun 19, 2019
Gay Male

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * It was a typical Monday afternoon as I sat on the toilet playing candy crush. I finished up my business and used what little bit of toilet paper was left on the roll. I was a lazy 18 year old, and decided not to replace the toilet paper with a fresh roll and leave the cardboard roll r...

Rick Needed a Beer, Gets Much More Pt. 08

by Iwanttwo on Jul 30, 2019
Gay Male

...I suggest you read previous chapters first to understand characters... Friday night finds me walking next door, wondering what I am doing. Should I help Sue out her husband? As much as I struggle with my gayness, it seems cruel to force it on him. What if he is straight and has just lost interest in sex? This plan of hers could backfire and be a real mes...

My Boss and Master Ch. 01

by MitchCapslock on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

All comments and criticism welcome/ The words from my boss snapped me back to reality. I'd lost myself for the past 10 minutes on his cock, using my mouth and tongue to make long, slow strokes along his shaft. He was perched against his desk, naked from the waist down, as I knelt before him. His pants were folded neatly across the back of the chair, while...

Big Dick Gay Sex Ch. 02

by cut7nchlookn on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

I had a second time to hook up with a hitchhiker I had picked up on a rainy cold night in Three Rivers, Michigan and dropped off in South Bend, Indiana. Tom gave me his phone number and told me the next time I got into the area to call him. A couple of months after our first encounter I decided to take him up on his offer. I had to stay in SB overnight on...

Tyler, My Brother, and Me Ch. 07

by datura48 on May 14, 2018
Gay Male

Will and I were over at Tyler's place after school. His parents were going to be out until late that evening and he had invited both of us over. It had been a while since he had extended an invitation to me, but I wasn't surprised to receive one sine he had been watching me and Will fuck. Even though he was still annoyed that Will wasn't allowing him to fuck...

From One Thing to Another

by kingchaos69 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

My girl and I had a rather vanilla sex life which was okay for a while. But one night we decided to do a little role playing. Normally I was the dominate partner, She rarely ever initiated sex, that was something I would usually do. But that night was special. Cindy was the most beautiful woman I had ever known. She is short, only a couple of inches over fiv...