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My second encounter with Jim Pt. 01

by ridedenver on May 12, 2020
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***This is part 1 of 2, it it's the beginning and has some action, but less than part 2. So if you're looking to get straight to the action, skip this and go to part 2. * Continuing from the first story: Jim and I had chatted over email and off and on and decided to try and meet up again while we were both still in town. He said his wife would be out with...

The Cheating Husband

by MrTobiasRieper on Mar 1, 2021

You are David Grayson, a married man for 21 years. And in those years, you discover that you are not into women but into men. And after you discover your sexuality, you caught yourself in an affair with a man who shares the same lust and desire you have. It's wrong, you say to yourself. But everytime you are near him, you lost all your sanity and want to be...

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Just Another Day In The Office Ch. 02

by chelseabi on Sep 1, 2017
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It had been just a couple of days since my night time rendezvous and the realisation of what I was embarking on was ever present in my mind. The thought of the sexual encounter was tinged with the mixed emotion of doubts over my orientation. Did the enjoyment of that encounter mean I was gay? I had no inclination or overt attraction to men, other than I li...

Pete, Ron, and I Make Triple

by alexcarr on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

It had to be. I knew Ron was messing with Pete. I recognized the tell-tale briefs in my flat mate's laundry basket. They weren't mine because I wear boxers, and they weren't Ron's because he wears a thong So Pete was cheating on me and sharing his briefs with Ron. He never did that with me, so what were they into? Me thinking I was Ron's one and only shag-m...

The Long Road Ch. 02

by jdunaway on Aug 18, 2017
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The phone rang. "Hello?" "Is Kyle Matthews in, please?" "This is Kyle Matthews." "Mister Matthews, this is Doctor Curtis, calling from County General." Kyle's heart leaped into his throat. A million things went through his mind, none of them good. Has something happened to Kim, Bryan or the twins? He wondered, slightly frightened. He never even considere...

Box Shaped Heart Ch. 19

by laurasfox on Feb 11, 2019
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Chapter Nineteen - The Shape of Truth They stumbled inside, laughing and joking, and somehow ended on the carpet in the living room. The game had been incredible, they had stuffed their faces with hot dogs and they had spent their evening in a dive, drinking and singing with other fans. "Fuck, this was the most amazing night out in forever, Alex," Aron sa...

Did I Make The Cut? Ch. 02

by naked_llama on Aug 30, 2017
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The Naked Llama is back and guilty of making his readers wait for the second chapter. I'm so sorry for making you wait for a long time. Spraying some love to y'all! "Remember the time that you made me look like a carrot?"Lancelot asked me while I was arranging his bowtie for him, scowling at me. How could I ever forget that day? It was almost three years...

Did I Make The Cut? Ch. 03

by naked_llama on Aug 30, 2017
Gay Male

Because you guys asked for more, the Naked Llama is back for the third time. I just want to thank each and every person out there who liked and appreciated the first two chapters of my story. When I first submitted this story, I was actually expecting that people wouldn't like it very much and would not give me any encouragement to continue this series (I'm...

Sissies love big black cock

by Yelawolf on Nov 16, 2017

Welcome to the story you crazy sissies and you strong aphla black males. This is from edithis and I want to bring here so you guys can write or read or for the real reason you're here to masturbate. Get your hand, dildos, lube, and whatever else you need to jerk it off. Time to begin the story up. (Thanks for all of the likes and support on this story. I jus...

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An Affair to Remember

by Bakeboss on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

You may just think this is another story of a man having an affair and cheating on his wife, but you see my story is different. I am cheating on my wife but I'm cheating with my wife's boyfriend. Let me start at the beginning, it seems so long ago now but has really been only a few months. Believe me when I tell you that Sue and I were not swingers or even...