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The Show

by Luckylucy1 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

I am a 49 year old bi female. My husband is 51 and also bi. About 10 year ago we were watching an adult movie and it had the girl/girl scene when my husband asked if I ever thought of doing that. I admitted I had. Then he asked if I would do it if I had the chance. I told him yes. Then it was my turn, I asked if he ever thought of doing it with a guy. He tol...

Jason's Trip to Mexico Ch. 06

by beefylatn on Sep 25, 2017
Gay Male

Jason and Carlos entered the cell to find Martinez struggling against the handcuffs that held his wrists over his head and attached to the frame of the cot. When Martinez saw them coming in the cell, he began to twist and plead in Spanish while Carlos explained what they were going to do to him. Jason got up on the cot, straddling Martinez facing towards the...

Hotel Room with View

by ddhavnfun on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

I spent a week at a training class in Miami last October. I love that area; it is so full of beautiful people living the highlife. Then there is me, a 59 year old chubby guy who does not fit in with them at all, but I still like to watch them. The classes were in the morning which left the afternoons free so I thought I would go lay on the beach to colorize...

Chubby Exhibitionist Let Him Watch

by ddhavnfun on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

Over the past few years I have become aware of my bi-sexual side and the pleasures of exhibitionism, especially for guys. My only outlet for this for a long time was the webcam; I am more than a little apprehensive about the "park bathroom". Besides they smell. Most guys I have cammed for love the show and I really enjoy having them in my room. I drive for m...

Gay Wrestling Federation

by Yelawolf on Apr 28, 2020

You sat outside of the large training center. Your palms pouring sweat as you became very nervous. You knew your dream job is in reach. You just had to reach and grab it. You look over to the other men sitting with you. A short chubby asian man with the cutest smile chats with a lanky skinny white guy. The white guy scowl as the asian man did his best to hit...

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Fucksalott Farm Ch. 04: Sneaking In

by Zenith3501 on Aug 7, 2019
Gay Male

*So, onto chapter four, and something a little different both to appeal to the more rainbow oriented in my audience, and those just curious to try it out, as well as stretching out my own homosexually creative muscle. Enjoy!* ***** Usually, foxes aren't wanted on the farm because of the fact they take a liking to the taste of the animals. In this world how...

Jim's Almost Swim

by yuyuassen on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

The story starts with Jim, a young 18 year old chub, working at a community pool. Check out Jim's camping trip for part 1! "Man this job sucks..." Thought Jim to himself as he sat at the receptionist's desk at the community pool. He sat there every day, watching people come in dry and out wet. Jim would occasionally go for a swim, but felt self conscious...

Chubby Chaser Ch. 02

by drmweaver705 on Mar 3, 2020
Gay Male

When I had my first summons from Jeremy, I made a point not to be late getting there. He once told me that missing a call or text from him could spell the end of our association. What was our association exactly? Well, Jeremy was my thirty-six-year-old co-worker at the parts factory. When I found myself aroused by the sight of him and entranced by the scent...

Chubby Chaser

by drmweaver705 on Feb 3, 2020
Gay Male

"Are you one of them?" Jeremy asked. I raised my gaze from his crotch to his face. I heard what Jeremy asked but I didn't know what he meant. It's not like I knew Jeremy all that well. I had just started at the warehouse a few weeks before. My main job was packing orders on skids, but if there was a lull, I'd be sent to perform inventories or just sweep of...

The Mas-gay-rade Ball

by BluJBooty on May 10, 2020

You are Vance the Second prince of the Royal House of Chardeny and the declared crown prince... and you hate it. Your entire life has been scheduled and decided for you. You take massive amounts of lessons on etiquette, swordplay, history, etc..., you have a fiancé from the ducal house of Argent that you have never met, let alone like, love, or even want to...

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