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Tattoo Ch. 07: The Society

by drmweaver705 on Oct 12, 2020
Gay Male

I opened my apartment door wide before I realized that I had forgotten to hide my tattoo under a hat. It was already too late. The man at the door was wide-eyed as he read the label pasted across my forehead. He was black, about thirty, a bit stocky and very handsome. He wore the tan shirt and striped black pants of a security guard from my office. In his h...

Tattoo Ch. 09: Transforming Vance

by drmweaver705 on Oct 19, 2020
Gay Male

All participants are 18 or over. ***** I walked into Vance's apartment building with wary trepidation. The last time I'd been here, my life was completely changed. I was drugged and unconscious in his apartment when the man called Vance tattooed the word CUMSLUT across my forehead. For a while, I had little memory of that night, but I sure had made some...

Sammy Gets It Pt. 03

by AuthorMatt on Sep 12, 2018
Gay Male

The jock responded by pulling his whole length out of Sammy's mouth and slamming it straight back home, forcing a gurgling hack from the teen and coating his balls with a layer of spit and precum as they rested on Sammy's chin. The kid's hands reached up and grabbed his thighs, and he suddenly felt the difference between this and the dozens of female throat...

The Hole

by iamacocksucker on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

(Message written to an online forum) Hello, gentlemen. I found this awesome forum just a little while ago, and I thought I'd introduce myself. I don't have a real name any more, but I am addressed most frequently as "hole" and "cumdump." Actually, although you can't see it in the picture below, "cumdump" is tattooed on my back. So, about me: I am twenty-fi...

Tips from a Top 01: An Introduction

by dickwankerman on Apr 21, 2020
Gay Male

This is a space for fellow studs, feeders, fuckers, actifs, sperm donors, and good old-fashioned tops. So fuck off, all you cumslut, pansy-assed bottom pussies. Find your own place. My name is Carl. Yeah, it's a stupid name, but I've managed to overcome the stigma, and now I embrace it. Johnny Cash's "Sue" has nothing on me. Let me catch you making fun of...

Cum Slut for BBC: Two Hole Cumdump

by dmdboi on Jul 6, 2020
Gay Male

Two hours. That's how long I spent on my knees in the room labeled 'Mouth'. Two hours I spent having my throat fucked raw by rough black cocks. A throat that until two hours ago, had been what I assumed, was straight. But there I sat, in a dark room, listening to the foot steps echo down the dark hallway as the four black studs who had just fed me a total of...

Cabin Adventures Pt. 06

by MrSunshineBoy on Sep 14, 2020
Gay Male

After about an hour which felt like half a day to James, he was still tied up on the mattress. James was panting and sobbing softly, he had given up his attempts to break free after 10 minutes. Another electric shock went through his legs, lasting about 30 seconds. James sobbed, he was exhausted, but so aroused, he wished his dick could go soft, but thanks t...

The New Order Pt. 03

by Iamkrazy4 on Dec 16, 2019
Gay Male

Part 3: My ass, my mouth, my job No, the guidance counselor didn't fuck me. Though, I would have let him. But, that says more about me than it does about him. What he did do was praise my on stage performance and say I the most enthusiastic "volunteer" so far. He complimented my dick taking abilities and described how my life would be from there on out. Th...

His Plaything Pt. 03

by Cumpup39 on Jun 5, 2019
Gay Male

I considered my current situation. I was standing naked in a hotel hallway, wearing only a stainless steel chastity cage that contained my throbbing and swollen cock. I had a load of dried cum on my face that had been left there by a man I only knew as Master. He came to my room, handcuffed me and fed me his cock and cum, except for the part of the load I n...

Bathhouse is Open Again

by smoothbtm76 on Nov 16, 2020
Gay Male

I was feeling extra horny on Saturday and just couldn't deal with another night of disappointing flakes on the hookup apps so I looked online and to my surprise found out that my favorite bathhouse had reopened, albeit with mask rules and limited hours...5 pm to 1 am. Fuck, it was already past 7. Cleaned out, took a quick shower, threw my stuff in my bag and...