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A Night Out

by easycck on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

I felt the fat head of his cock as it slid up my asscrack and stopped at my hole. His bright eyes looked down to mine as he lifted my legs higher, with a slight press of his hips his cock slid in my now open asshole and he grinned down to me, "Now it's your turn." I felt his cock slid deeper and I gasped and moaned deeply as I reached down to my hard, ri...

Blackmailed: Weekend with Bill Pt. 02

by hasnoalias on Apr 3, 2019
Gay Male

All characters in this story are over the age of 18. ***** Dinner that night was pretty simple. Bill grilled some chicken. I was kept naked the whole time and I was getting used to the free feeling of staying this way. I kept thinking about what the next day had in store for me. I knew Jeff would probably join, so counting Bill that brought the number of m...

Jubilee Cock

by alexcarr on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

Jamie said I would come up with any excuse to enhance our relationship. Not as though I ever had any doubts, he and I were still well into it with each other and I have never enjoyed a guy to guy stance as I have this one before. It is just that I wanted to keep it fresh and make for new and revolutionary ideas for our private time. But I told him it is the...

Sleepover Ch. 02

by JosephBarnosky on Aug 30, 2017
Gay Male

By the time I wake up, Luke is already awake, still naked on my bed and slowly stroking his cock with an impish grin on his face. "I can't stop thinking about last night," he says softly. I even woke up with a hard-on this morning." Of course the situation is the same with me, even my cock is hard. He starts stroking it faster and I see precum drooling fro...

Me and My Boy Ch. 03

by willowview43 on Jan 23, 2019
Gay Male

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. ***** For the remainder of the weekend we stayed naked or in our underwear. The spot was very secluded and no one passed by so we decided not to get dressed which meant we could quickly get to each others cock when we felt the urge. We zipped our sleeping bags together - made out and sl...

Why: Why Dan? Why Not Ben?

by hasnoalias on Sep 25, 2017
Gay Male

All characters in this story are over the age of 18. ***** I woke up the next morning and realized that I was rock hard. I figured a little "me time" would probably do me some good. I got on the computer and surfed over to my usual porn site. I logged on and tried to decide what I wanted to watch. I didn't see anything that really caught my eye. In skimmin...

And I Will Be Yours

by sr71plt on Jan 6, 2018
Gay Male

You ask what the secret is to my lying down for you, opening my legs to you, rolling my pelvis up for deep access, pulling your cock inside me, moving my core with the rhythm of you—what the key is to receiving the height of passion, the depth of service, the ultimate pleasure of total surrender to you from me? I don't ask for much; just a few minutes of ult...

Young Man Let Go with a Warning

by ibjtjones on Apr 17, 2018
Gay Male

I was sitting running my radar and a newer model Corvette came flying by me and my radar went to singing. I reached down and flipped on my blue lights and went after the car. I eventually caught up with the car and flashed my lights at it, the driver pulled over. I exited my car and made my way to the driver's side. The window came down and I saw a young His...

Disparate Sizes

by Outdoor4Sport on Aug 31, 2017
Gay Male

This is not a story in the traditional sense. There is no plot, there is only a small hint at the end about motivation and that there is a wider story. It is a description of a sexual event. It was inspired by seeing some photos on a blog about sex between men of disparate sizes. It is told from the perspective of the small guy. Naked. Face down. Flat on...


by Jjdoesit1 on May 6, 2019
Gay Male

Just a little introduction: I am a married 50 year old white man who recently started experimenting with my sexuality. I am 6 feet tall and 230 pounds, very hairy and have a trimmed mustache. Just your average guy. I have always been considered a very macho type of guy; military vet, biker, hunting and fishing. I've always been attracted to women and have ha...