Gay Demystifiying Boys Stories

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The Park Pt. 01

by koksocker333 on Jul 10, 2019
Gay Male

Pulling in to the park I saw his car parked there, I got my gear and headed out, I knew where he would be, I would find him in his usual spot. I could see him standing there nervous, terrified, he looked so young for an eighteen year old, he was so sexy, his tight jeans, hugging his beautiful bubble butt, his worn tee shirt barely covering his built chest, b...

Taking Down a Bad Master

by maxpotter on Dec 2, 2019
Gay Male

A sub gives up a lot when he submits; where he lives, what he wears (if anything), when and who he has sex with. All of this takes a lot of trust. A Dom has to deserve that trust. As tough as a Dom can be to his subs, he has to be there to protect them, make sure they are not harmed in a way that causes severe damage. A Dom is responsible for not only the ph...

Black Classroom

by destroywhiteboys on Sep 25, 2017
Gay Male

NOTE: The students represented are all of 18 years of age. The classroom is a senior level course and is populated by all students of senior level education (18yrs) WARNING: I tend to use the "n-word" in my stories quite a bit. If you cannot handle reading that word, then this story isn't for you! Remember that this is a work of fiction and should not be ta...

Naked Embarrassed Tom Ch. 03 - The Guys Skinny Dip

by tosoaronhigh on Dec 30, 2017
Gay Male

Kevin pulled up in front of Tom's house at 8:15am, late as usual. Tom was already waiting outside and jogged down to car, giving Kevin a hard time for being late as he jumped into the front seat. Kevin let Tom get it out of his system, asking if he was done, to which Tom replied only with a grin. Kevin then told Tom that today was a 'NET' day, and he was abo...

Double Punishment

by Guy521 on Oct 8, 2019
Gay Male

Adam and Charlie sat silently outside the headmasters office, contemplating what was about to happen. Both young men had been caught fighting yet again, leaving Adam with a split lip and ripped shirt, and Charlie with a bruised eye. The sound of the headmaster's door opening signalled for the boys to enter. The Headmaster stood behind his desk looking less...

Bulge Exposed

by Acidity on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

College wasn't easy for Jay. He was self conscious about the size of his package, as people would stare and some people would point and comment. Baggy clothing would often cover it up. However, after gym class, he would have to shower with the other boys. Concealing his 18 year old package in speedos was the only way he would dare enter those showers, but of...

Boys Bonding Upgraded

by liamwilliams on Apr 14, 2020
Gay Male

Their regular poker nights had been a firm tradition. The five guys had met years ago. They'd all grown up through school together and by an amazing stroke of luck they'd all ended up at the same college, not only on the same campus but in the same dorm. That was when the poker nights had started. While they all shared a dorm it had been a monthly meeting...

A Boys Only Weekend

by tosoaronhigh on Dec 30, 2017
Gay Male

The boys opened up the door to their hotel suite and explored the space where they would be spending the night. As the tour of the interior finished up, the boys opened the curtains to the patio and were surprised to see a large private hot tub. None of the boys knew about the hot tub, but each quickly agreed that they'd happily take a dip in their underwear...

Halloween Party Hollow Weenies

by walterio on Nov 4, 2019
Gay Male

INVITATION Sitting across from Archibald Thompson, the private school's Headmaster, was Stanley Morrison, the school's largest benefactor. Stanley was having a Halloween costume party for his special clients. He needed five students to attend the party. "So, Stan, you are asking me to send five gay students to your home for a Halloween party." "That is c...

DJ Pt. 16

by o2byoung on Feb 13, 2018
Gay Male

Coming it Part 16 DJ and Jamie visit Disney World DJ models his sexy swim trunks Girls are chasing after DJ and Jamie DJ assumes his new position Joe's and Doug's wedding plans are completed DJ Part 16 Thursday night Jamie, DJ and I all got off work at 9:00 PM, and drove back to our house for the night. DJ had told Jamie that Joe was cooking and would...