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In Detention

by ladynina23 on Jul 13, 2020
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*All sexual activity takes place with consenting adults over the age of 18*Scenes of unprotected sex are displayed and should not be used as guidelines for safe sex practices. This work is merely fiction.Thank you for reading! --- "Can anyone tell me why the Axis Powers decided to become allies during World War II?" Mr. Marcos asks, his hands threaded behi...

My Teacher and I

by JaakunaChi on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

Note: All characters in this story are 18+ and the names have been changed. One day, I was sitting in class, staring at the wall as usual, when I hear, "ALEX! PAY ATTENTION!" I looked up at my sexy ass English teacher, Mr Lewis. He was 5'10'' with a perfectly sculpted body under his tight undershirt and suit jacket. I couldn't help but stare as he walked up...

A Grammar-School Boy Looks Back

by JASONSHOMOEROTICA on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

Reminiscences of a Grammar-School Boy By Jason Land These are the reminiscences of a working class, grammar school boy in the years immediately following the end of the Second World War in May 1945 in the industrial north of England. My name is Jonathan David Robertson and I was born in June 1936 so that in 1945 I was eleven years old. For those of my re...

The Setup

by BlaqJm18 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

"Curtis, your 10 minutes late.... Detention." The entire classroom laughed and ohhed at Curtis like a bunch of elementary students. He just turned 18 and this was his junior year at this school after being kicked out two previous schools for bad behavior. Being 18 also scared the younger kids away from him but it also made him cooler by the kids who were...

Fighting for Love Pt. 01

by lalachick159 on Oct 31, 2018
Gay Male

Hey guys! Longtime member, first-time publisher! I am already working on part 2 so if you love this which I hope everyone does don't worry part 2 will be finished quickly! I gave myself a deadline of 11/20. Nerves are wrecked publishing this constructive criticism is always welcomed! Thank you! Updated as of 11/07 This was supposed to update on 10/31 I a...

Tamed by His Love

by Andracarlez on Sep 25, 2017
Gay Male

Hi guys. This is my first story attempt. Be really gentle with my virgin self. Thanks to homecomingqueen for helping me with my editing. You're an Angel and l love you. All characters are over 18. Enjoy!! ***** Derek Johnston slammed the door to his '96 chevy with more force than was absolutely necessary. It was barely eight in the morning and he was al...

Watching Him Back Ch. 03

by Acerbicscribbler on Sep 19, 2017
Gay Male

Porter's locker is next to mine. He's that guy nobody really likes because he's a complete douchebag. However, since he isn't into dumb shit like Dungeons and Dragons and he's rich, he's never quite at the bottom of the social tier. We have three classes together but I don't talk to him. I think he's friends with Crispin. "I saw you," he says one day. "Oh...

Teacher's Revenge Ch. 01

by boyganymede on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

I had just turned 18 and was a senior in high school. I assumed that I had everything figured out and that I had no use for anything being taught in my classes. I acted out often and was a handful for my teachers and for my father, a single parent since my mother's passing. Mom had been the disciplinarian while alive, and without her, Dad had never fully ass...

Master's Genie

by leesery on Feb 5, 2015

Your name is Josh Brown. You are 18 years old and is to become a freshman two weeks later. You’re having dinner with your parents when you start to feel something unfamiliar, but soon you realize what it is so you quickly apologize to your parents, drop your fork and rush outside. As soon as you find a tree to hide behind its trunk, you vanish into the air....

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Curse of the Black Porsche

by Coxswain on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

Nothing is what it seems Dedicated to tampabayed * "Sorry, Eddie. That's just the way it is. Buck up, you'll get over it." He smiled like a poker player, no humor. "You'll find another cock to suck." "Chucky! Don't leave me!" When Ed heard the restroom door close behind his ex-lover, he pulled the stall door shut, put his head down on his knees, and c...