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Dick growth

by Ephesian on Jul 14, 2018

Aaron came home from work at 11 pm. He worked as a lawyer and was home due to files being a handful. Aaron undressed down to his underwear and socks and felt his bulge. Almost bursting through the fabric, plump with cum. Aaron sat on his couch and pulled down his underwear. His cock sprang up as his balls bounced. He slowly started to rub his cock.What's nex...

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Guy Fun

by KingAngle666 on Jan 28, 2019

It was a Saturday in the early part of December and the eight soon-to-be-players were stuck at school, of course not by choice, but because detention always claimed its victims. Mr. Brown, one of the school's science teachers, led the group of seniors to the Study Hall, a windowless room where the were to serve their time like inmates. What none of them knew...

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Above and Beyond

by RaulBloodworth on Jul 14, 2020
Gay Male

Matt swallowed a huge ball of nerves, trembling slightly as he got comfortable. Well, as comfortable as he could while being on his knees between his best friend's spread legs, his package on full display. Slowly reaching out, he lightly began to run his fingers under John's balls, tickling them softly. He couldn't believe he'd ended up in this position. --...

Changing Things Up

by LukeWright on Sep 14, 2020
Gay Male

Lukas woke up on a Sunday morning by the light shining directly on his face and birds chirping in one of the trees outside his window. He was just about to get up and close the blinds when he remembered that they were still laying on the ground in front of the window, waiting to be put up after his recent move. He looked to his left and right if there was a...

Teacher's Pet Ch. 05

by Goldeniangel on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

Author's Note: This story contains both oral and anal gay sex. Enjoy! =) -------------------------------- When Cory came back the next afternoon, he wasn't as surprised this time to find Sam there too... it did surprise him a little that both Sam and Mr. Peterson were both just sitting there waiting for him. But he was welcomed with a warm smile from his t...

The Cloned Fantasy

by Mastermind021114 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

Once upon a time A rich guy named Jack decided to try out this New cloning process that has become popular. He thought "I wonder if I got a clone of myself. How awesome that would be." So he went to a cloning laboratory, submitted his DNA, and thus began the process of creating his clone. About three weeks later, the cloners called and let him know his clo...

Gay Cave Escape

by Hypnodip on Mar 11, 2021

Drip! Drop! Drip! A staccato of water droplets add to a quiet and dark ambience. A nearby rock is dislodged, crashing with a large boom. You awake with a jump, chilled from the rock floor you were sprawled on. The room you're in is almost too dark to be traversed. You can see three ragged walls surrounding you, sprawling upward out of your limited night visi...

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Blowing Straight Buddies

by ozzietosser on Aug 21, 2017
Gay Male

It wasn't as if he has never seen his buddy's dicks before. They'd been friends for almost 20 years. They'd grown up together, showered together, gone skinny dipping and even shared a few of their female conquests. Cole had laughed when they'd gotten them out for the camera, Liam's big balls impressing him as always. There was something different about this...

The Disciple

by whoablabla on Mar 15, 2020

Caleb sighed and looked up from the book he had been reading, wondering how late it had become. He'd been sitting at a tiny study desk in the third floor stacks of his university library for hours, mindlessly scanning the pages of some religious history volume he had found cited in the research of another scholar writing on ancient pagan rituals. He had been...

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Ivan's Occupant

by whoablabla on Dec 24, 2019

I wasn't sure I wanted to go to Randy's party. On the one hand, it's the last days of the winter break, and I had only just gotten back into town from seeing my family over the holidays - it would have been nice to take this Saturday night off and get things in order before class starts up on Monday. Professor Hensley has already sent us an email with an adv...

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