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Temporarily Dickless

by AssWhisperer on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

[Warning: This is a very sexually dark story. Fisting, watersports, medplay, implied body modification, chastity. My thanks to Kenji De Sade for his encouraging me to write this story after a series of conversations about chastity.] How had I come to be here? I wondered as I floated in orgasmic bliss. It had started with my impulsively writing a guy on...

Comfortably Numb

by Nils Huim on Jun 19, 2018
Gay Male

The humiliation was now complete, and Sean was loving it. He was down on his knees on the kitchen tiles wearing nothing but a pair of lace panties, and his wife's lover's cock was in his mouth. It was a beautiful thing to behold (and taste). Long and proportionately thick, from behind its bulbous pink head until it disappeared, at a slight curve, into Gary'...

Bittersweet Irish Cream Ch. 07

by Kabba118 on Mar 31, 2020
Gay Male

Since his liver transport two years ago, Daniel Riley had been slowing down on the drinking. Not stopping completely though, but Charlotte, his wife didn't know that. No one knew that every Friday night he would escape to his basement den, lock the door, pour a cup of brandy and listen to music. It was his way of letting go of the stressors of the week. Thi...

The Psych Survey

by rimaday on May 16, 2018
Gay Male

David Pennington was a retired police officer with a cranky temperament. He had spent 20 years as a Cop before his divorce. After the divorce he decided it was time to start living the dream and taking a corporate security job for a real salary. He took the job for a hotel chain and moved from Atlanta to Miami, where his only son David Jr. (Davey) attended...

The Long Road Ch. 02

by jdunaway on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

The phone rang. "Hello?" "Is Kyle Matthews in, please?" "This is Kyle Matthews." "Mister Matthews, this is Doctor Curtis, calling from County General." Kyle's heart leaped into his throat. A million things went through his mind, none of them good. Has something happened to Kim, Bryan or the twins? He wondered, slightly frightened. He never even considere...