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Doctor Patient Privilege

by chubbymindiana on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

"Kyle?" The sweet voice of a young Hispanic nurse broke Kyle Harris out of his waiting room stupor. He looked around and saw that the nurse was standing at the door to the examining rooms. He stood up and set down the Highlights for Children, only magazine he could find in the whole waiting room, and walked back to the door rather stiffly. "So, Kyle, you're...

How Do You Feel About That?

by Guy521 on Dec 24, 2019
Gay Male

As a psychiatrist Doctor Barnes was privy to many secrets. Which allowed him to ask deep, prying questions. Such would the case in today's session with young Cody Jeffries. Doctor Barnes had been seeing Cody for about a month. He always looked forward to seeing the young man. He was by far the sexiest young stud the Doctor had ever treated. Rippling muscles,...


by Psicko on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

The most terrible, apocalyptic changes are easy to deny when they happen slowly, gradually. Then, after generations have passed, the problem is suddenly big enough to notice and almost too big to solve. So was the case with the strange YCB Virus. The Y-Chromosome Bias Virus was first discovered by in the late 20th century but had probably first appeared lon...

Soccer Practice

by LeathermanCraig on Aug 17, 2017
Gay Male

There were only minutes left in the game and the score was tied – 3 to 3. Antonio knew that they'd have to keep the ball and then score in those final moments, for if the other team got the ball, they'd score quickly and Antonio's team – the PS Thunder – would lose this semi-final match. Antonio noticed Jose on the other side of the field, and signaled that...

Medical Assistance Required

by ozzietosser on Aug 28, 2017
Gay Male

Hayden sat in the doctors' waiting room with his limp arm hanging by his side. He was 21 years old and had just returned to baseball after a break due to injury. The knee reconstruction meant that he didn't have the centre fielder's legs that he had when he was 17 but this new coach had thrown him on the mound at training and Hayden had impressed enough to g...

Turn Your Head and Cough

by mikec1010 on Sep 25, 2017
Gay Male

Mike was fifty-three and in pretty good shape for a man his age. He was about six feet tall, 198lbs, with dark hair and dark eyes. He was nice looking and had a hairy chest. He had been married for nearly thirty-five years now and the marriage was a good one except for a couple of rough periods here and there. While Mike felt fine his wife was constantly aft...

Forced Ch. 05

by nickymartin on Sep 25, 2017
Gay Male

That was it. He howled like a bear and arched his back up, driving every last ounce of his cock into my body. I saw stars and could feel four huge pulses from his shaft. Deep inside my body I felt the cum boil over. My cock was trapped between our bodies and the pressure on it was intense. I gasped and said the most stupid thing ever to him, "knock me up wit...

The Harrington School for Boys Ch. 01

by AgentK on Oct 15, 2017
Gay Male

Dublin, 1926 Aidan was folding his laundry when his roommate Stephen came in. "Hey, Aidan. Matron wants to see you when you're finished with that." Aidan sighed. He had an idea what it was about. He was now eighteen, and could no longer stay at the orphanage. The matron probably wanted to see if he'd found a job and a place to live yet. He hadn't, and was g...

Doctor Edge - A Young Man's Nightmare

by Guy521 on Apr 9, 2019
Gay Male

The young man on doctor Keith's table today was a football player from Fairford college. A blonde haired, blue eyed stud, with the body of a God. At this point in time, the young man was tied down, and gagged. He was looking up at Dr Keith with glassy eyes, desperate for release. The doctor had cruelly, left the stud for half an hour, tied on top of the tabl...

A Visit to the Doctor

by Ken Nitsua on Aug 30, 2017
Gay Male

K. Nitsua. Copyright 2013 by the author. AUTHOR'S NOTE: Having sex with one's doctor is a potent fantasy for many adults, as the many stories written on this theme indicate. There are people, mostly men, who put a lot of time, effort and skill into making such fantasies come true for their lucky clients. The scenes they construct mix realistic medical proce...