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Hard On the Trail Ch. 08

by ketup on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

" like that huh? Hurt? Huh?!" Daddy pounded hard into my ass as my face was shoved into my pillows. My batman pjs around my ankles and my cum soaked on my sheets. The pain was unreal, but the pleasure had been worth it, "Ohhh yea, take it you little shit. Next time I show up to fuck you in the ass, you'll be home." "Yes Daddy!" "Uhhh yeah, make...

His Sweet Boy Ch. 05

by Her11 on Sep 21, 2020
Gay Male

AN: I'm sorry for any delay work is getting my busy and before you ask no I haven't played any of my game, I've been entirely focused on writing. Please comment. They make me happy. ******** The plan started out great until Ben asked for a red wristband from the burly bouncer at the door. "What name am I putting on the band?" The gruff male voice asked....

His Sweet Boy Ch. 03

by Her11 on Jul 27, 2020
Gay Male

Eric was resting his chin against his right palm while his left hand still carded through the boy's hair when a snort from Ben made the dom jump. He looked down and realized with some humor that Ben had managed to fall asleep in the most uncomfortable position that Eric could think of and was now snoring lightly. The poor boy must be truly exhausted. Eri...

Man Bites Pup

by NRMathis on Apr 24, 2018
Gay Male

Danny was practically skipping around the house after he got the text from Cary. I'm leaving the office now, pup. Danny was ecstatic. His man, his boyfriend, his Dom, was finally coming home! Cary worked as a trucker, which meant that there would be some stretches of time where he was out doing his job. Danny hated it, hated the idea of being separated fr...


by NRMathis on Jun 5, 2018
Gay Male

Xander woke with Cliff snuggled up tightly in his arms, just like any normal morning, but he knew that the day ahead would be anything but. He had so many worries and doubts about what was coming, however exciting it may have been. He cuddled his husband, breathing in the familiar scent of Cliff. He had always loved that smell, that vanilla scent with a wo...

The Good Sub - First Meeting

by madisonsub_btm on Jul 11, 2018
Gay Male

I'm straight. At least that's what most everyone who knows me thinks. But a select few know that I am really gay. Sure, I'm still attracted to women, but I absolutely love cock. Not only am I secretly gay, but I'm also a sub. Nobody is forcing me to be gay or blackmailing me to suck and fuck guys, I submit willingly. I think subconsciously, I must feel that...

Taking Down a Bad Master

by maxpotter on Dec 2, 2019
Gay Male

A sub gives up a lot when he submits; where he lives, what he wears (if anything), when and who he has sex with. All of this takes a lot of trust. A Dom has to deserve that trust. As tough as a Dom can be to his subs, he has to be there to protect them, make sure they are not harmed in a way that causes severe damage. A Dom is responsible for not only the ph...

Needing You

by Cia81 on Sep 19, 2017
Gay Male

CHAPTER ONE Cason looked out on the sea of dancing people. He could see several people he knew from the scene and a lot of newbies out in the crowd. Strokes wasn't really a fetish bar; it was more of a place for like-minded people to gather and hang out. Still, there was plenty of eye candy, bare skin held in harnesses, mesh shirts, and better yet, nothing...

His Sweet Boy Ch. 06

by Her11 on Sep 21, 2020
Gay Male

AU: I'm Back! I know i was a little slow to write but im working on it. P.S. to Crven_ban: do not read my mind it freaks me out. To everyone else, 40th comment on His Sweet Boy Ch.04 ********* Ben slammed the office door, then spotted the bathroom and shuffled awkwardly into it slamming that door for good measure. Fucking hell. Eric was going to be the...

The Good Sub - Second Meeting

by madisonsub_btm on Jul 17, 2018
Gay Male

Day 2 - I arrive at his place the next day as instructed. I knock and smile as I see that he is already naked. He greets me with a look and walks towards the couch. Even without words I know what he wants, so I strip and follow him. He's sitting on the couch and has already become hard. I smirk, knowing I caused that. "Suck," is all he says. I obedient...