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ABS Pounding

by CronicCruiser on Aug 30, 2017
Gay Male

I arrived in the parking lot of the local adult bookstore. Inside was a maze of dark cubby holes, booths, and gloryholes. Outside it was bright and the lot was filled with cars. I was ready for some action, cleaned up inside and out. A dialup of Vaseline in just the right place. I paid for admission and entered the arcade. There was a crowd alright. Several...

First Time With Joe Ch. 02

by alexcarr on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

Chapter Two Sexercising with Joe At first it was not all plain sailing with Joe, that first time was absolutely fabulous when we became acquainted so intimately. But one does not really get to know another only after just one meeting. I had sensed his masterful disposition. That didn't worry me too much because something from my really life, I don't know w...

A black slave dream

by gaywhitemaster4blackslave on Aug 31, 2019

Warning! This story is not politically correct. It contains raceplay, homosexual sex, rapes, racial insults ecc. All the characters are 18+. It's just fiction but, if this bothers you, STOP NOW! I woke up. Well, I thought I had waken up. Indeed, I was dreaming. Dreaming to be awake. I got up, wearing just my underwear. I walked slowly through the corridors,...

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Playing With the Workers Next Door Ch. 03

by sjl1701 on Sep 17, 2017
Gay Male

It was long week for me. I wasn’t able to stop by at Mike’s on my breaks. He was busy, but we were still on for Friday. I needed something to get me through the week, so I went to a local adult bookstore and checked out the toys. I found a nice dildo, one that was nicely sized with realistic styling including rubber balls. I also picked up a bottle of lube...

Colorado Rocky Mountain Bi Ch. 04

by walterio on Apr 22, 2019
Gay Male

A QUICK VISIT Sandy and Gordy were seated in my great room with a beer after we unloaded Gordy's car. He would be staying with me until he found a place of his own. Sandy had a flight at noon on Sunday back to Denver. They then shocked me when they shared a new sexual experience. "So, what have my favorite twins been up to?" "Sandy started pegging me." "...

Complete Control

by vicw1392 on Apr 27, 2014

James had read, and seen, porn about men who could change the world, and that's what he'd been doing last night. After a quick, and mostly unsatisfying, wank, he'd fallen asleep wishing that there was more of this type of porn for gay men; where was the fun in reading about unlimited possibilities if all the characters do is make everyone's tits bigger? Then...

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Becoming a bitch

by Testytesterton on Nov 28, 2019

(Skip this if you don't like boring behind the scenes stuff. Wow! Over 3000 likes and story of the week for my first story here! Thanks to everyone who has liked, bookmarked or commented. The feedback lets me know what works and what might need work. I would love for this to be the most popular story in its category, so if you like the story, "like&quot...

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My Hairy Brother-in-Law, the Cop

by MajorDick on Aug 30, 2017
Gay Male

Although I'm way back in the closet, I like hairy, masculine men. And my brother-in-law is fits my type to a "T": tall, early 30's, good looking, olive complexion, clean-shaven but with a dark heavy beard, black short hair with a slightly receding hairline, sexy brown twinkling eyes, an infectious laugh and a furry chest that makes my dick woody just think...

Danny Again

by alexcarr on Sep 1, 2017
Gay Male

In my stories concerning my memorable relationship with Danny, I have forgotten to mention how, after out first date, our continued association became difficult. I was ain a position where I could not longer invite him to my home because of personal circumstances, and Danny had an aging mother living with him so he did not wish for her to know about his new...

The Gimp's Toy Pt. 04

by PenDeSade on Apr 28, 2020
Gay Male

The trip home was mainly silent apart from Ajax's questions. His attention was divided between the road and his pet. He sped down the road growing closer to his apartment. "You alright pet?" "Yeah," Jonah replied quietly, his voice barely washed out by the car engine. Ajax grimaced; the man sounded as broken as he looked. Once Ajax's eyes parted from t...