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Crossing the Line to Suck Cock Ch. 03

by ndeavour on Apr 3, 2019
Gay Male

Little old me had become the sex object for 7 big men. All of them alpha male types -- athletes and former athletes who could have had their pick of any woman and I'm their preferred cum dump. I still can hardly believe it! It started when I worked up the courage to go for what I wanted -- I'd found a reference to Jonas on a gay app (that I could barely ac...

My First Male Experience

by Clausimotto on Sep 15, 2017
Gay Male

It happened in the April 1979. I was driving to Denver from Maryland to attend a four week technical training course. I could have flown, but I want to have a car since I was going to be there for 4 weeks and I did not have the means to rent one since I was only 19 and had no credit cards. I was driving through Missouri on I-70 when the weather had taken a...

How I Became a Bitch

by ConquererWorm on Nov 8, 2017
Gay Male

How many of us make good decisions at 19? I had always been uncertain about my sexuality, but I finally realized there was something irresistible about a man. Not just their bodies, but the thought of being overpowered by a powerful man who would use you solely for his pleasure. So at this tender young age I decided to explore a little bit. I made an accoun...

Rory and Sebastian

by sebastiando on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

- Everyone in this story is over the age of eighteen at the time it begins - I wish I could say it was love at first sight. But it wasn't. And it wasn't one of those instant hatreds either. The kind where a weird tingle shoots straight to your balls and you want to pound the fuck out of the person -- whether it's with your fist or your dick, you don't quite...

Gang Banged by Big Cocks

by ndeavour on Mar 13, 2018
Gay Male

If you've read my story "It Started At the Bookstore," I told how I wound up abandoning the anonymity of the glory holes at the Adult Book Store near me for an in person visit with Dom, a magnetic guy with a gorgeous body (6'2", sculpted muscles including abs and a beautiful butt) that came attached to a magnificent, 10" cut cock. I went with him because he...

Confessions of a Cock Servant Ch. 02

by JAKOFFAB5 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

It had been two months since I first agreed to be a human urinal at Jon's bar and had undergone a total transformation training session with Uncle Bob. I spent two days a month in full rubber and installed as a urinal at the bar. The sessions were always hot, with lots of piss and cum to keep me well fed. Uncle Bob and Jon had seen to it that every day I "w...

The Same Old, Same Old

by alexcarr on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

The same old, same old, but still alive and well. Danny came to me in the street of all places and asked if I would like a 'session' with him. Well, seeing as I'd not heard from him since heaven's knows when, I readily refused telling him I had met a new guy. "Sorry Pete it is just I was in a car crash and ended up in hospital for a couple of months" "Sor...

Being with Kevin Again

by alexcarr on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

I want to be with Kevin again and again, It was he who brought me out in the most dramatic and thrilling way, when I felt that first taste of pure unadulterated cock enter my being like a fast piston engine, breaking my virginity right away and consoling my inhibitions. And he'd prepared me in the most delightful way, making me realise I was gay.. All those...

The Spying Nun Ch. 01

by OpheliaArcher on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

*Author's Note: All characters in this story are over 18 years old. If you are a particularly religious and/or Catholic, I suggest that you do not read this. It involves a nun. Dana, 28, wasn't always a nun. Five years ago, she was engaged to a wonderful man named Jack and working at the local hospital. She often thought about her life before the nunne...

Kenny the Cum Dump Ch. 01

by BallZucker on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

It was a warm spring day. I was walking with a buddy, named Tim, that I often went down on lately. We were walking to a liquor store to grab some brews and blunt wraps, puffing on a blunt on the way. By the time we were almost there, I was already sky high and horny as fuck. There was a wash and large field we had to cross to get there. It was faster than wa...