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Infinite Scroll

Himbofication by One Coffee a Day

by CinaedeFuri on Jul 15, 2020
Gay Male

He stepped into the coffee shop. The head barista, Joey, hated the smug son of a bitch. All he knew what that his first name was Lucius, and that he worked for a big tech company down the street. He always came in and ordered the same coffee, a complicated order that only Joey knew how to make correctly. Lucius never tipped and barely interacted with the bar...

Last House on Fraternity Row Ch. 03

by texastank on Mar 26, 2019
Gay Male

Chapter 3: Orientation, Part II The house, as Luke discovered, was largely a front. Walking behind Rex, his head cloudy with weed and mesmerized by the supple ass jiggling before him, he was dazed with what had just happened. Within minutes of his Monday beginning, the vestiges of his former life seemed stripped away—he had found his purpose as a himbro. He...

Spring Break Oil Wrestling Contest

by WorldOfSize on Jun 8, 2020
Gay Male

Kevin and Todd, best buds through elementary, high school, and their Freshman year of college, were in Orlando for their very first spring break. Everything was going just how they'd imagined. Chicks in skimpy bikinis were everywhere, alcohol was plentiful, everybody was available, DTF, and skin was in the game. They'd hit the gym hard in preparation for sh...