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Human Urinal in the Cruise Club

by bijack69 on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

This is a true story. I was in Gran Canaria for the first time and open to new experiences. It was also the first time I had gone on a beach/hotel kind of holiday on my own. I wasn't sure if it would be a bit lonely going without any friends or anything, but I decided "what the hell, you only live once." I had chosen Gran Canaria, knowing that there were...

In a Public Toilet Ch. 01

by tazsis1 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

[This is the story of an encounter in a public toilet with three possible endings. Endings two and three to be posted soon.] Chapter 01: Looking I was at one of the London's main train stations early on a Sunday morning on my way to work. I needed to piss. The public toilets were down some steps under the main concourse. The entrance led into a large area...

Daddy's Little Pig

by Jae804 on Jun 19, 2019
Gay Male

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * It was a typical Monday afternoon as I sat on the toilet playing candy crush. I finished up my business and used what little bit of toilet paper was left on the roll. I was a lazy 18 year old, and decided not to replace the toilet paper with a fresh roll and leave the cardboard roll r...

Glory Hole

by KinkyMadamButterfly on Oct 15, 2017
Gay Male

1. Horny Dave was horny. But for some reason he was not picking up. It had been a long evening hanging out in the bars of Oxford Street but he hadn't so much as caught someone's eye. He gazed across the bar of the Midnight Shift, it was almost midnight, but the place was not alive, everyone had gone home: just a couple making out, a few old timers and the...

Paying the Plumber Ch. 01

by stylapolo on Nov 27, 2018
Gay Male

Two days after my 18th birthday, I awoke to the sound of our doorbell. I quickly pulled on a pair of sweatpants and whatever shirt I could find on the ground, which was just a basic blue V-neck sweater. I made my way down the stairs, finding a note on the kitchen counter in my uncle's neat handwriting that stated, "plumber coming at 9:15" with a nice stack...

The Cost Ch. 03

by bsi8412 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

Note from the author: First, I want to thank all of the people who have sent such kind e-mails to me telling me how much they are enjoying my work so far. Since this is the first time I've tried my hand at writing, except for papers when I was in school and they don't count, its very reassuring to know that people actually do like it. Thanks again for all...

Defeated Jock Ch. 03

by maxpotter on Aug 21, 2019
Gay Male

Taylor knelt before Kam, unable to fully process the declaration he needed training. Taylor watched Kam reach for something, and as Kam connected it around his neck, Taylor realized it was a dog collar. "That will help put you in the mood. And I like seeing you in it." Taylor just groaned. The collar was snug on his neck. He felt owned, the circle of leather...

Kinky Kris Ch. 02

by Tara_Neale on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

Kris rolled sleepily over in bed. His cock pressed tightly against the firm bottom of his latest lover. He half smiled as he remembered the sex they had had the previous evening...and middle of the night. He considered initiating another round this morning but a quick look at the time on his phone told him that he did not have the luxury of even a quickie......

My Peeking Roommate Gets Curious

by Draperdong on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

I had been living with my roommate for just a short time when I began to fantasize about him. We had met in college, worked together, and slept with many college girls during our party days. He was athletic, built and hung. We had been working out together and came back for a shower. I went first and while I was in there I heard the door handle turn. I menti...

No Matter How Hard You Try Ch. 02

by eronlovesyaoi on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

Eric stood in front of a white door. Gold numbers proclaimed, in their own quiet way, that this was the door to apartment 16B. He shuffled his feet and looked down the hallway, hoping for an excuse not to enter, when no distraction appeared- he knocked. There was only silence on the other side of the door. He knocked once more before deciding to try the hand...