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Losing My Cherry

by bimanms on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

It was 1996 and I was living on the coast of Mississippi. I had been married for six years, and my second son had just been born. I had just returned from several months at sea on a Navy ship. My wife was always exhausted and not interested in sex. I, on the other hand, had a perpetual hard on. One day while driving along the beach I happen to notice a sign...

Longtime Friends

by DWSimon on Aug 30, 2017
Gay Male

When I was five years old, I met my soul mate. I didn't know what the term meant at the time. I only knew that this soul was a kindred spirit. He was my friend in all ways. The one person on Earth I couldn't disappoint no matter what. In him I found acceptance and companionship based on me myself and not out of a sense of familial responsibility. His name wa...

Fantasy Football Player

by ted_subby on Aug 30, 2017
Gay Male

Chapter 1 -- Fantasy Football My name is Ted and I run a fantasy football league with some friends of mine back in my college days and a few new people we added for a 20-team league. We meet every year for our face-to-face draft. There is no money involved, just a bunch of guys having fun. We are all very competitive and research the players, smack talk, an...

The Start Ch. 02

by bisubhubby on Sep 1, 2017
Gay Male

In Part 1, I told the story of how I sucked my first cock. Part 2 relates how I moved very quickly to find out what being a real bisexual meant by getting fucked by a man. I just had to know what it felt like to have a cock sliding in and out of me. I asked Ron (whom I had just sucked) if he would like to fuck me but he said he was not into fucking men. He...

U-N-I Ch. 19

by unilive on May 29, 2018
Gay Male

Robbie's point of view. ---------------- About three weeks later, a receptionist came to get me while I was sitting outside by the pool. She told me there had been a commotion with a security guard at the front desk because someone who wasn't on my list of visitors came to the front desk and asked to see me. "Would you mind coming with me to tell us if yo...

On The Pill

by kicky1000 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

Brock Barry Peterson was the handsomest man I had ever seen. He was over six feet tall and had smooth clear skin, blue blue eyes and white white wavy hair. He was always impeccably dressed in expensive well-tailored suits, crisp ironed shirts, and tastefully colored ties. He wore a special cologne. I don't know what it was, but it was heady. Sitting across f...

My Teammate

by Deeplust on Dec 24, 2017
Gay Male

I wrote from a story that was told to me. I asked him about his first time and he gave me vivid details about what happened. I did not send it to an editor as I have given up on Literotica editors. So please skip this story if you need a perfectly edited story. ***** I have always kept myself in shape and prided myself on my appearance. I am not as physica...

The Erotic Tales of a Trucker Pt. 06

by sexygirl76 on Sep 1, 2017
Gay Male

Chapter 10: Now that's a touchdown As I continue my exploits across the country I can't help but smile when I think about what happened in New Mexico. It was 8 years ago, yet I can still remember it as if it was yesterday. It had been a long trip and I just wanted a couple of days to just unwind and relax. I looked up a friend of mine that I visited freque...

The New Kid Ch. 08

by musicfreak on Sep 19, 2017
Gay Male

By the time I woke up, it was Saturday afternoon. Even after staying in bed for close to 16 hours, I was still exhausted. The sleep I had wasn't a restful one, with me waking up every hour or so, only to be reminded that whatever happened the previous night was no dream. I felt the cold bed beside me, wishing that Corey were in its place. I got out of bed, t...

Levi Ch. 01: The Abandoned

by jdylanh9 on Sep 1, 2017
Gay Male

All usual disclaimers apply. My last look into the mirror acted as the most important. I always stared at myself in the mirror for a couple minutes making sure I looked as good as I possibly could before I left the house for a night out. During this time I also donned the only scent I considered worthy to be on an image of perfection such as myself, Acqua...