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I Turned Myself Out

by drmweaver705 on Jan 29, 2020
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All characters are 18 or over. ***** My journey must have begun with my discovery of porn. When I was eighteen, I discovered a trove of porn magazines hidden out in the abandoned shed of a derelict and condemned house near my childhood home. This was the first time in my sheltered life I had ever seen anything like it. The magazines varied from soft nudit...

Sissies love big black cock

by Yelawolf on Nov 16, 2017

Welcome to the story you crazy sissies and you strong aphla black males. This is from edithis and I want to bring here so you guys can write or read or for the real reason you're here to masturbate. Get your hand, dildos, lube, and whatever else you need to jerk it off. Time to begin the story up. (Thanks for all of the likes and support on this story. I jus...

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Swimming Lessons

by sr71plt on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

"I'd like to make an Australian Crawl." Stan gave a hearty laugh and acknowledged an empty glass up the bar. While he was gone, Keith, in turn, acknowledged that his own beer glass had miraculously filled on its own. He didn't have much doubt that Stan was trying to get him drunk so that Keith would go in the back room with him. The burly barkeep had been pu...

Bangkok Defection

by sr71plt on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

I froze in the middle of talking about the next season of the Bangkok Chopin Society at the ambassador's residence, as the ambassador walked into and around the side of the room to get into another room. I don't know if I audibly gulped or not, but none of the women—and the few men—sitting in a circle of upholstered chairs and couches in the commodious room...

The Cowboy vs Big Cock Indians

by silkstockingslover on Dec 1, 2017
Gay Male

Summary: The shocking truth of the old west finally told. Note 1: This is a special western themed story created by the lovely Black Randi. Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Black Randi, thor_p, Robert, and Wayne for editing this strange attempt. PS: Western is not my forte so please don't judge me too much on this story. Cowboys & Big Cock Indians History i...

The Craving

by newpaulman on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

I don't know why I felt like I did that day. I just woke up wanting to get fucked and I knew who I wanted to do it. Raj was this old Indian guy who ran a small shop. He was short and hairy and had a big belly. Nice guy. We always had a little chat when I went in there, and at first I hadn't thought of him in a sexual way. That day, though, in my mind he just...

Calcutta Custard

by newpaulman on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

My second time with Beni. He's an Indian guy, about 50, with a long beard. This time we're in a hotel out near the airport. He paid for it. I think he regards me as his property, sexually, at least. But he's respectful, and that's what counts. As soon as we enter the room he says we should strip to our underpants. I do so, and admire the view as he removes...

Taxi Driver

by newpaulman on Sep 16, 2017
Gay Male

Driving across London might not be the longest journey in the world, but it's a slow one. I had been in this little Toyota for half an hour and we were still a long way from home. The driver was Asian, a short, stocky guy wearing a white shirt and khaki shorts, which I thought was unusual, even in the height of summer. He looked quite smart, but not like a c...

The Indian Doctor Ch. 02

by KeithD on Jul 17, 2019
Gay Male

It had been weeks since I'd seen the Indian doctor. I'd been propositioned by my boss, a Swede fifteen years older than me. And, basking in the new world the doctor had opened up for me, I'd let him fuck me in his room and then on his boat off the beach in Phattaya, a seaside resort for the super rich Thai and expatriates not more than a two-hour drive from...

The Indian Doctor Ch. 03

by KeithD on Jul 17, 2019
Gay Male

The Indian doctor's second summons came during a business lunch with my boss at the Bangkok club rooms in the Montien Hotel of the Royal Phattaya Yacht Club. It came as somewhat of a surprise as it was more than a month after the last time I'd been at the doctor's office. My boss was sponsoring me for membership in the club even though I had yet to buy so mu...