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The Boy from the Sea Ch. 01

by Cruel2BKind on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

*Hello! and welcome to my new series, The boy from the Sea. All characters are 18+ One of my pet peeves is annoying exposition, so to avoid confusion, this series takes place in a world similar, but not equal, to Victorian Great Britain. I do this because I am not historically accurate, and that is my other pet peeve. Please Enjoy!* The township of Haven...

Lust Never Sleeps Ch. 01

by ShelleyRunyon on Aug 31, 2017
Gay Male

Chapter One: One Night in Hannagan's "How good is your French accent?" "I beg your pardon?" Darryl craned his neck, peering around him, but there was no one close enough who could be considered to be within earshot. No one paying the slightest attention. So that settled that. This lunatic must be talking to him. This rather lovely, albeit strange, lunatic...

Any Hotel, Anywhere Hot Ch. 04

by muffinbod on Mar 16, 2020
Gay Male

I have no idea how long we lay there in this bliss but it was deep, deep into the night when I peeled myself carefully away, parting our flesh as cautiously as I could. I arose on very wobbly legs and triggered the light in the bathroom. As a loud stream of manly piss thundered into the pan, I heard a deep, soft laugh from the bed. Next thing, a great paw wr...

Daddy, Demon, Master

by Popper_Papa on Feb 6, 2018
Gay Male

Steve was 18 years old and his parents had left for the weekend. Steve was a senior in high school and had been masturbating to gay porn since he had discovered it at 15 years of age. He knew he was submissive and wanted to have the experience of an older dominant male directing him in the ways of manly love. Steve had contacted a dominant male in his 40s...

I'm Coming for You

by drmweaver705 on Jul 15, 2020
Gay Male

All participants are over 18. ***** I am coming for you. Can you feel it? I see you sitting there in that café, enjoying your little meal, never suspecting that even now you are becoming mine. I could so easily join you, taking the seat across the table from you. Instead, I pass you by, touching your shoulder with my fingertips as I walk by. You barel...


by endthedream on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

"A town in France?" Jules smiled at me, as he lay naked atop the counterpane, so I threw a pillow at him and we tuggled, I was naked as well, so what the hey?, we made love. And had sex. And kissed. And he said, "Do we have to globe trot any longer? I mean it's getting a bit boring." I cuddled him in my arms and felt the wonderful smooth pale skin and whisp...

Older Black Man Turned Me On!

by pampoon on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

When I first moved to Chicago from the country I was pretty shy and nervous. It wasn't easy to make friends. I started dating a nice girl from work and had great fun for a few months. Then she went away to college and I found myself alone and miserable. Most of the people in the office were older and were married with kids. There just wasn't anyone my age t...

Soft and Silky

by Vickster on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

This story was told to me by a friend who insists it is mostly true. Mostly! He highly recommends trying this if you have not done so already. * When I was 16 years old, my mother said to me; and I quote "I hope the devil feeds off your flesh himself and you spend an eternity suffering in the flames of Hell." This was her response when I told her I was gay...

The Other Side of the Window

by EaglesFlyte on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

I was in my early twenties and had been married for a couple of years. Money was tight so I supplemented my income by doing handyman work for my landlord. We lived on the first floor of a duplex and had this couple living above us with a young daughter and an infant. This was a pretty rough couple. Our introduction to them was as we were pulling up to the h...

Rain Down Temple Ch. 04

by dourdan on Sep 12, 2018
Gay Male

Diego awoke in Rain Down Temple. The place was a holistic clinic, but at that moment he prayed for a pharmaceutical miracle. His lover, Remy, got out of bed, pulling his long dark hair into a ponytail as he left the room. When the young doctor returned he started Diego on IV antibiotics as well as morphine for the pain. This allowed the older man to fall ba...