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Infinite Scroll


by sr71plt on Aug 30, 2017
Gay Male

There was no transition that I could ever make myself remember. One moment I was trapped in my gunner's seat in the burning B-29B bomber just moments after the raid on Osaka. Air was whistling loudly through the shrapnel holes in the fuselage, spraying me with blood from the nearly decapitated Pete in the EWO's position beside me, and I was frantically searc...

The Loser Takes It … All!

by laurasfox on Mar 13, 2018
Gay Male

Author's note: This is a small fantasy I wrote for the Yuri on Ice!! Fandom, so a little introduction for all the characters involved may be in order. * Yuuri Katsuki -- the main protagonist of this gangbang story, he is a Japanese figure skater. He is a hard worker, but because he gains weight easily, he needs to make a lot of effort to stay in shape. He...

Rainy Day in Tokyo

by KeithD on Jan 29, 2019
Gay Male

There had been rain off and on all day, and it started up again as I was walking from the theater in Tokyo's Ni-chome district of Shinjuku, so I dipped into a small grocery store entered by a foyer in a small apartment building. The deluge, although heavy, hadn't lasted long, and I could use some snacks for the hotel, so I walked the aisles of the store in s...

Perfect Imperfections Ch. 04

by walec on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

Okay so this chapter might appear confusing at first, especially if you have never read Chapters 1 and 2. Alec and Brandon were 18 then. I am really experimenting with different ways of writing and this is reflected in the timeline and the different perspectives. Enjoy and please keep the comments flowing! PS: Yes, I do understand Japanese. No Google Transl...

Tokyo Cocksucker

by zach694u2 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

Word came down at 4:25pm; I was to be on the next flight for Tokyo. I was being sent to smooth things over with our Japanese partners, no small task. I was also looking forward to see Japan. I packed a small bag and headed to the airport. After a 9-hour flight I was finally there and noticed the vast differences between my own country right away. After a sh...

Tea with the Prince

by sr71plt on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

June 1929, Tokyo, Japan I was straining for him to start. I ran my hands down his hard-muscled back from the shoulder blades to his buttocks, pushing his trousers down further on his buttocks and clutching at the orbs, willing him to start the stroking. He was inside me deep and I was panting hard for him. He spoke from the hollow of my throat. "I . . . we...

Gaijin Kagema: Male Courtesan

by KeithD on Jan 23, 2019
Gay Male

Reno let himself into the Shinjuku-sanchome, Tokyo, art gallery hallway and quietly went from room to room, running along the left of the hallway from front to back, to make sure that Haruo had closed down everything properly. Haruo's better innings were past him. He seemed to be deteriorating more and more each day. He had suggested that Reno might want to...

On a Snowy Afternoon

by KeithD on Dec 30, 2017
Gay Male

"Well, gentlemen, I'm for an after-meal hike on the mountain before this afternoon's short session. All this sitting around in meetings is making me sluggish." Professor Rab Rahmani stood up from the table in the dining room of the InterContinental Davos hotel, his eyes going to the rise of the Rhaetian Alps of Switzerland beyond the walls of the mountain re...

Beautiful Bondage

by sr71plt on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

I had been told that the assignment was a bit kinky, but a weekend stopover in Hawaii and three days on my own in Tokyo, paid for by the generous fee addition, were enough for me not to care. My pimp, Leon, told me to make myself blond all over, which I had grown used to in any assignment sending me to the Orient. And I was a bit intrigued because I was told...

Started at the Theater

by isoro1 on Mar 31, 2020
Gay Male

This is a mostly true story, happened when I was in military stationed on Okinawa, Japan. Had been there a few months, and like any other young man, had visited some of the bars, and had met up with a "lady of the night" a couple of times. One day while walking around the town, I discovered an "adult" movie house. Had some sexy pictures noting what was bein...