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Analyzed From The Bottom Up

by Cumfusion on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

We were losing power yet again and Jock was getting angry. His eyes were fiery and with his big arms stained with oil and diesel fuel he might have looked really threatening to anyone else. I hadn't had much time to get to know him. He was like you could say 'a good solid looking trucker'. I suppose, if I am to be perfectly honest, I had noticed his physique...

Good Jock, Bad Jock

by kerrymcboyd on Oct 15, 2017
Gay Male

Kyle sat on the bench in the locker room with a thud, panting heavily as he caught his breath after his workout. He was a runner by nature, not only enjoying the high that he got from pushing his body, but also being damn good at it. The impetus for taking up an exercise routine was mainly to avoid the dreaded freshman fifteen. The realization that he enjoye...

Naughty Pleasure Market Ch. 04

by we_all_kneel on Sep 23, 2019
Gay Male

Matthew was nervously observing men working out at the Manchester’s Gym. Places like this always made him feel anxious, as he felt weak with his twinky body, in presence of all these hunks. He was waiting in the main hall, on a bench, waiting for his blackmailer to approach him. Suddenly, someone did. “I recognize you from the university,” said stranger, wh...

The Office Jock

by Radames on Aug 30, 2017
Gay Male

Author's note: the characters in this story do not practice safe sex. They cannot get sexually transmitted diseases unless the author says so. You can. Practice safe sex! * As companies cut back on employee benefits, you have to find your perks where you can. My perk was having a desk across from the photocopier. When I wasn't focused on my computer screen...

The Nature of Seth Ch. 03

by rjvansen on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

Brenton zipped Seth's tent behind him. He stretched as the morning air washed over him. If was fresh and cool compared to the humid heat and overwhelming, yet exciting, scent of cum within the tent. There was no one around so Brenton let himself air out a few minutes. Even now, after such satisfying sex, the excitement of being naked outside the tent and the...

Scott Becomes More Dominant

by AsssMann on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

This is the second installment of Scott teaching Andrew to pleasure him. Pleas read "College Roommate Discovery" first, to get the context of how Scott and Andrew arrived at today. Sitting at my desk in my bedroom, attempting to study for my exam, I heard my phone buzz indicating I had received a text message. Picking up the phone, I looked and saw a...

The Author Ch. 02

by LeathermanCraig on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

People often ask me where I get my ideas from. I'm a romance novelist. Yep, I write those cheap and tawdry little paperbacks that fly off the shelves at the supermarket or the book store for $7.95 a pop; my books fill the afternoons -- and the shopping carts -- of America's housewives, fueling afternoon fantasies that their husbands can never fulfill. Oops....

Jock Boy

by naughtygaywriter on Dec 19, 2018
Gay Male

I'd been watching this boy in the gym for a while now. We both came in late night, when no one was there. He had a compact little body and wore shorts that hugged his plump muscled ass. It drove me crazy watching him as he did squats or bent over to stretch. It was like he was purposely teasing me. He was small and tight and toned, with well-defined biceps a...

Private Tanner

by TightWhiteHole on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

"Okay, okay Gabby I promise I won't jack off for 6 months," Tanner said regretting is words as soon as the left his mouth. Tanner was a young 18 year old, with brown hair and a nice build. Tanner and Gabby had started dating almost 6 Months ago and Tanner was getting tired of waiting for sex. Gabby agreed to have sex with Tanner if he could go six months wi...

Top's Tales: Night with Scott

by zelot65 on Dec 24, 2017
Gay Male

This is the first part of a series of encounters between the main character, Eric and several other men. The story is completely fictional. ***** Eric didn't really know how or when it happened, but at some point during college he had left his Christian upbringing and morals behind. According to his parents he was a "depraved perverted piece of filth", and...