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Getting Slammed by the Married Guy

by speedodave on Apr 24, 2018
Gay Male

While I feel this is a stand alone sexual experience, there was a first chapter/phase/preface where the Married Guy met me at the local pool. If you haven't read that part, I think you might enjoy it. You can find it on my blog or my main website. Where I left off was me walking out of the changing rooms at the local pool after the Married Guy ruined my ADI...

Serving His CO

by panamacock on Dec 25, 2019
Gay Male

This story is a work of fiction, although some the ideas were inspired by real conversations. Fiction does not require the use of condoms for safe sex, but real life does. Please always use safe sex and protect yourself accordingly. As always, comments about the story are appreciated and can be directed to my profile. 2017 panamacock ***** Brett walked i...

His Masculine Odours

by Guy521 on Mar 18, 2020
Gay Male

Finn carefully pressed his nose against Kyle's size twelve foot and inhaled deeply. The stench was insane. Day after day Kyle's feet had gone unwashed. Craddled by the same sweaty sneakers, that Kyle wore everyday to the gym. The same shoes that absorbed all the ripe sweat from Kyle's feet, and the sweat that had trickled down his muscular legs as he worked...

Jack Hammer Ch. 01

by KenJames on Dec 12, 2018
Gay Male

Private investigator Jack Hammer smiled as he looked at the men gathered around the wrestling mat in Steel Steve's big main room. There were at least thirty of them. A couple were totally naked. The others were dressed in Speedos, jeans, or leather gear. Lots of leather gear. That was the main vibe at the converted gym on East Riverside Drive. The jockstrap...

Horny Teachers Ch. 02

by Coxswain on Sep 19, 2017
Gay Male

The Mark of the Jockstrap I was part of the Bohemian scene in Los Angeles in the '50s. My roommate turned me out: after discovering the great turn-on of his cock, I was eager to spread my legs for just about any horny friend. Didn't have much trouble finding guys to top me while I was a student. My first teaching job, though, was at a small-town school, Th...

Father's Birthday Ch. 04

by kinky66698 on Sep 25, 2017
Gay Male

Jake went up the stairs to rake a shower. As he climbed into the shower he couldn't help but think about what he just experienced. It didn't feel wrong per say but he didn't exactly feel right about it. In other words he had no idea how he felt about it. Well Dad did say it was going to happen again so I can think about how I feel about it then. Washing his...

Father's Birthday Ch. 05

by kinky66698 on Sep 25, 2017
Gay Male

Jack woke up at eight in the morning because he had to do some work. Heading down to the kitchen he started to make some eggs for himself. While the eggs were cooking he made some coffee to. Once both things were done he went to his office and pulled up some assignments that he needed to work on. ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~ Jake woke up earlier than...

The Red Jockstrap

by Coxswain on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

This is a true story, as told to me by an Army buddy. The names, places, etc. have been changed. "Just keep your underwear on, son. Don't take off any more than that, and you'll stay out of trouble." My father told me that when I was seven or eight, when he caught my cousin and me "playing with each other." Never forgot that. Even in the years when I didn'...

Losing My Virginity to Brandon Ch. 01

by BlaqJm18 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

Chapter 1: The Videotape I was up late trying to finish up this romantic comedy script that I had been working on for the past year, and finally, I got a great intimate scene set up for the two characters. Once I worked on the intimate scene, I had my roommate, Brandon critique the scene, but he thought it was too slow. "They need to have sex." He said to...

Speedo Drenched in Cum

by speedodave on Apr 10, 2018
Gay Male

I just got back from Colorado and had a great time with Kip (yes, there was lots of speedo/hottub sex). It is a long trip home. While I was on the train headed from Sydney up to the Central Coast I wrote a blog post saying that after getting in the ocean for a swim the next thing I was looking forward to was some Aussie cock. Between that train ride and me...