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My Wild Travels Ch. 01

by buttcheeks777 on Aug 30, 2017
Gay Male

This story is a fantasy, nothing more. It's not real; please don't leave feedback saying that you can't believe that this really happened. If you don't like gay sex or like reading about one man's sexual fantasies, please don't leave negative feedback because you were "surprised". ***** A career change nine years ago has me driving all over North America o...

He Watched Me with His Son Pt. 01

by SxyHusband on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

Mark's eyes were closed, his brow deeply furrowed and his head thrown back against the armchair as he furiously stroked the length of his manhood. With one hand holding and pressing down the base of his shaft and balls, the other intensely pumped his glistening and incredibly turgid cock; he was hardly breathing, his whole body was tense. The sight of me, n...

Losing My Virginity to BBC

by DLBottom4BBC on Feb 6, 2018
Gay Male

This is the true story of how I lost my anal virginity to Big Black Cock. I wanted to give some backstory and that's kind of long but I assure you the read is worth it. It starts before I would actually end up losing my virginity. I was dating a female. For the first year of our relationship everything was pretty normal. But when she went to college and I...

Growing Up Hung Pt. 03

by funandbold on May 29, 2018
Gay Male

I left with a spring in my step and headed to my place. It was getting late and I grabbed a bite on the way home. Soon I was at my place studying and when I got tired, I flopped on my bed and decided to stroke out another load before getting some sleep. *** So drifting off I'm thinking about how wild it was and how great it was to get my first amazingly h...

A Very Nari Christmas Ch. 01

by spankednaked on Jan 28, 2020
Gay Male

So, during my time in California I've made a lot of friends, but Nari is without a doubt my best friend. My mother met Nari when she flew out to Fairhaven to see me dance on stage with the Chandler Theatre Ballet. Nari was charming, approachable and my mother found him to be a delight. She loved him so much that she invited to come to New York with me when...

Fighting for Love Pt. 01

by lalachick159 on Oct 31, 2018
Gay Male

Hey guys! Longtime member, first-time publisher! I am already working on part 2 so if you love this which I hope everyone does don't worry part 2 will be finished quickly! I gave myself a deadline of 11/20. Nerves are wrecked publishing this constructive criticism is always welcomed! Thank you! Updated as of 11/07 This was supposed to update on 10/31 I a...

For The Love Of Justin

by girlthatlovesgayguys on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

It had been a grueling day at work and 22 year old Braedyn could not wait to get home and make love to his girlfriend Brindelyn. He had been so horny all day and had all intentions of racing home to her. He filled his mind with thoughts of her lying on the bed...beckoning him when he turned a corner and "Shit." Traffic jam. What was the deal? There was nev...

My Best Friend and Our Sons Ch. 02

by Lucas96 on Jun 5, 2018
Gay Male

Author's Note: this story contains gay father-son incest. All characters are over the age of 18. ***** Chris and I left the bedroom doors open that night. I heard Chris ordering Liam to beg to get fucked, and Liam eagerly complying. And I'm certain Chris heard Justin as he moaned on my cock. Justin's tight hole was nicely lubed up from the load his dad had...

She's Not Coming Back

by LoveIsUniversal on May 15, 2018
Gay Male

Paul looked out the window. He could see a party cloudy sky right above a quiet suburban neighborhood. He opened the window to feel the cool ocean breeze infiltrating his bedroom. He closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. The late Mediterranean spring offered him an almost perfect mood. Southern California was blessed with cool temperatures in...

The Trip Ch. 03

by CE300 on Aug 30, 2017
Gay Male

Sorry for the delay in this chapter. Summer just got away from me and I lost all track of time and I had to buy a new computer since the old one went. Here is my disclaimer. This is story is not real, any person portrayed in this story are completely fictional and any similarities are coincidental. Always practice safe sex and use condoms. This story is not...