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Cullen Ch. 04

by rckplsky on Aug 30, 2017
Gay Male

Day 2 Continued Cullen sat in his car for a few minutes watched as the other cars entered and exited the parking lot. He felt like he was taking a risk, but he wanted to give this a shot bad. It had been a long time since he'd picked up a guy from the mall. He quickly got out of his car and locked it. He quickly found his way into the vast outdoor mall. He...

Target Bathroom Blowjob

by RANSOM38 on Aug 17, 2017
Gay Male

As Eric pulled into the Target parking lot he reflected on stories he had read on the internet or heard in popular culture about "gay hookups" in public restrooms. He chuckled to himself about it as he walked across the parking lot. As if he'd ever get that lucky. Eric had always been a little bi-curious but never done anything about it. Oh sure he watched...

Connor on Campus Ch. 01

by JasonClearwater on Oct 15, 2017
Gay Male

* * * * * A University student takes another student's anal virginity. This story does not pretend to have any literary merit whatsoever. * * * * * ***** He's twenty years old, but Conner looks a little older than his years, leaning against the wall with a cigarette in his mouth, watching the other students walk past. He's lean and dark-haired, blue-eyed...

Ain't that a Bitch

by Tammy_Nguyen_77 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

It was two o'clock in the morning. Jim took a gulp of coffee as he sat patiently in his car in the deserted park. He put his drink down in the cup holder, and looked at his watch thinking, "where the fuck is this kid?" Jim looked around nervously to make sure no one saw him. He'd be in a shit load of trouble if he got caught. Right then a beat up old Ford Ta...

Even Death Keeps Us

by Raven_Ya on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

This story is completely fictional, as are the characters. This story was my own, and if you like this and wish to see more, please let me know. I have a couple more~ Feel free to leave constructive, or flattering comments to make me feel good about my writing, lol. Like the tag reads, this is gay sex, so PLEASE, if this turns you off, then please move on, a...

Tag Team In The Theater

by gholelovr on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

My other submissions here have been on the lines of my initial forays into the world of cock sucking. Although this is a recent event it is more on the lines of me on the receiving end. I was at the adult theater looking to continue my cock sucking adventures. Since I'm very picky about whom I suck off, I hadn't seen anyone I wanted to blow yet. I was sit...

Nate meets Jesse for the First Time

by JasonClearwater on Oct 15, 2017
Gay Male

* * * * * This story brings together the characters of Nate and Jesse into a combined timeline, several months after Will and Jesse's breakup. Editor's Note: Story contains half brother incest content. * * * * * Nate sat on a stool in Mala Suerte, his head resting on his hand. He twisted his drink with his thumb and middle finger and sighed. Why are y...

The Heart is a Poor Judge Ch. 06

by kidboise on Dec 10, 2018
Gay Male

I finally bring it up one day, when the moment feels right. It's not that I was ever worried about offending him, just concerned that he wouldn't listen, which is a tendency of his whenever he doesn't see value in what I have to say. But today he is in a receptive mood. "There's a resource I would like you to take a look at. I'm sure they have it in the li...

My Angry Tenants Ch. 09

by rae121452 on Nov 7, 2017
Gay Male

One day, as I was going into my building, the neighbor flagged me down and told me that for several nights in a row he'd seen someone lurking in the dark area behind my apartments. I waited until Ron and Gary came home, passed the information on and we all went outside to see what we could see. There was an overgrown hedge that ran the length of the back a...

Connor on Campus Ch. 02

by JasonClearwater on Nov 1, 2017
Gay Male

* * * * * Connor shares his new plaything with his roommate, Stanton. * * * * * ***** Connor wakes to find his roommate, Stanton's, mouth clamped hot and wet around his cock. He lets out a groan of contentment and puts a hand on his roommate's head as the other boy sucks him to completion, shooting his load into Stan's mouth. As Stan pulls off him, Conno...