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My Hot Uni Roommate Ch. 05

by CreamStuffedTwink on Jun 17, 2019
Gay Male

Previously: "Want to watch a movie or something?" he asked. "Sure." I went and sat down on the couch while Michael stood with the remote and cycled through Netflix until he found something he wanted to watch. I expected him to just sit next to me, but after he sat down he pulled me over to him until he was lying down with me as his little spoon. My skin t...

Horny on Halloween Pt. 02

by ifiknewthen on Sep 25, 2017
Gay Male

Graham and I spent the rest of the ride in silence. While my silence was deep in contemplation, his seemed to be lost in bliss or the radio. I had freshened myself back to the beautiful Asian girl my sister had turned me into not 30 minutes ago. I was enjoying the feeling of the wind gliding through my hair as I looked at my reflection in the passenger mirro...

New Adventures Ch. 01

by denron on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

This is fiction based on fantasy involving a married couple and the husband's desire for gay sex. If this upsets you, please don't bother reading it. Thanks for any comments. ***** My wife and I were on vacation, spending some time in Portland, Oregon. When we are away from home like that, we like to do things we would shy away from in our home town. In...

King of the Strippers Ch. 01

by BothWorld on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

I was putting the finishing touches on a website I developed for a multi-national corporation. I had spent the last year of my life on it and was pretty proud of it. I sat back in my chair and thought about the last year. It started with my divorce. I married right out of college, which was too soon and lasted only two years. I was bummed about it in the b...

QJ Productions

by azburglar on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

When my fiancé and I graduated from college, times were tough. There wasn't a single employer that was hiring. For a while I waited tables as we struggled to pay basic bills. After putting in hundreds of applications, I finally received an invitation for an interview from a company called QJ Productions. I had never heard of this company before so prior to...

The Volffs Ch. 01

by theilluminaughty on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

Hi guys, it's another made-up race fanfic, based on my crazy ideas. Reviews appreciated, and all that. Enjoy! ------------------------------------------- My name is Kevin. I'm a wolf-human hybrid. Like the Scalians of yore, I'm a hermaphrodite. That's the way, generally, for cross-species hybrids. We run around on Volland, a planet about the size of Mars i...

The Strip Club

by joey_who on Sep 18, 2017
Gay Male

My friend Karin invited me to go out with her and some of her friends on Saturday night. She wanted to go to this new club that everyone heard was good. Of course the girls forgot to mention to me that we were going to an alternative strip club. When we walked in I quickly realized that I was tricked. I tried to leave, but Karin used her feminine persuasive...

Chasing Chelsea

by RoyMarksman13 on Apr 3, 2019
Gay Male

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story contains gay, straight and lesbian sexual activity. # # # Every Thursday night three of my good friends would come over to my dorm room to pregame before going out to the bars. We chose Thursday nights because none of us had class on Fridays and we usually did different stuff on the weekends, so Thursday was our night to catch up...

First Time in My White Panties

by Lricky on Apr 3, 2019
Gay Male

Certainly, this event was not my first but it is the most recent and the only one that I was actually with another guy while wearing my new white silky lace panties. I am not a cross-dresser. I am a bisexual male that likes silky lace soft panties on my cock and ass. Oh yes, I still like the female form with soft subtle breasts, round full ass and a wet puss...

City Of Dreams Ch. 08

by Gryffindor on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

It was later that evening and I was still in shock. We had eventually moved out of the rain before either one of us got too soaked. Bailey and I had come downstairs and changed clothes. We were just relaxing on the couch holding each other and listening to the rain as it pounded on the windows. I was propped up in the corner of the couch, which was quickly b...