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Tommy the Milker Ch. 01

by InoueMegumi on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

*Actually I got this idea from a story that I recently read. It was so hot that I thought to create my own version of it. I hope you like it! * Hello guys my name is Tommy I don't really know what's my last name at all. After being raised in a orphanage the Nuns didn't say a word about my parents, they just told us that we were gift from God and we were s...

The Dairy: Spot and the New Calf

by thaidom30 on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

Has been edited by Nom de Plume for spelling and grammar. Thank you. ***** The sweet and savory smell of food cooking was all it took to wake up Spot. He stretched out in a big, full body stretch. Flexing his muscular hamstrings and massive shoulders. His brown chest hair covered most of his body like fur. Master made sure Spot kept his public parts clean,...

'Til The Cows Come Home

by marux on Aug 31, 2017
Gay Male

Nathan headed out of his house with a big grin. Working the farm always made him happy. It was really the cow shed that did it, which was the main reason he'd had to sell off most of his fields to his neighbors. He just liked being with the "cows" more than on the land. But that was OK, their milk sold for quite a pretty penny, and his father had taught him...

The Farm Ch. 11

by SumacandIvy on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

Some chapters don't end, they just get published. And so it is here. If I can keep the characters dancing to my tune, this story will end soon. It's a big if. Prize is acting up again and pulling things away from the big plan. I gave up trying to quiet him. He has a story to tell, and if he doesn't get it out, he haunts me. Sandi Afterwards and Before...

Say Nothing

by KeithD on Jun 3, 2019
Gay Male

"We shall say nothing of this." "No, I shan't," I murmured as I panted. I didn't think I could count on the tall black man with the slender body, big hands, big feet, and the long cock to stay silent among his peers about what he could get from an English youth, someone from the white farm owner's family. But that was not my problem. Gashirai, the gardener...

Shattered Values Ch. 03

by Sungmehetu on Sep 15, 2017
Gay Male

Jenny was cold. The girls were cold. The cage was too small, the water had scum on it. The "food" was as tasteless as it was filling. It reminded her of rice. Overcooked rice. Steph and Jilly preferred her tits, and Jenny was fine with that. Her B cup breasts had become large C's, painfully full of milk two hours after feeding both girls. She ran over the...

The Inheritance Ch. 02

by sabb on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

All was arranged, and it was with light hearts and in anticipation of the removal of the last annoying inconvenience that stopped me from fully enjoying the wealth of my property that we rode back home. My son, Hilaron's, entry into his estate would be celebrated well that night with a small party. I had invited a few young men of the local area to attend a...

Montana Ch. 03

by MJRoberts on Sep 26, 2017
Gay Male

I'm so grateful to all the readers who have reached out and become friends. For those of you who haven't reached out yet, go ahead. I try to answer each note individually. I poured a lot of myself, hard work, sweat, and tears into this story. I hope you find it one of your favorites. Enjoy! MJ MONTANA Part 3 Chapter 9 That night at 11:30 when I knock...

View From The Barn

by sabb on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

"Why don't you and Clancy go fishing," my dad said. The five of us, Uncle Ted, Aunt Bessie, Clancy, dad and me were finishing our afternoon tea in the farmhouse kitchen after unloading the fourth load of hay for the day. The new corrugated iron shed was a quarter full of hay and that was all there was room for. The rest was taken up with the farm machinery...

Farm Boi Life Ch. 06

by Sungmehetu on Apr 10, 2018
Gay Male

This chapter is not very sexual, however it will set up the next two chapters. Thank you for hanging out on the Farm with the house and pony bois! (Much of this chapter is related to "Judge Ordered Slavery Ch 4.") ***** "Welcome home Ryan, you have a slave to train. He's no longer a virgin, and I want you to fuck him...daily. The more cock he gets, the be...