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Infinite Scroll

Loss to Love Ch. 09

by musicfreak on Sep 25, 2017
Gay Male

I squinted as I opened my eyes, the light coming in from the window blinding me. I rolled over, turning away from the window, coming face to face with Nick. I yawned once, rubbing my eyes. I observed Nick in his blissful sleep, the look of pure peace on his face something I could not help but smile at. Last night was just amazing, the high of it all and the...

Lindsay in the Shower Ch. 02

by starova on Aug 31, 2017
Gay Male

I had been at the sports academy for one year and was looking forward to spending time back in my home town. I had worked at a job there with a very accommodating and adventurous lady before I gained a scholarship. These plans came to nothing after I had spent the colder months at the academy and was told by my former boss that the summer break would preve...

Two Worlds Collide Ch. 01

by Forgottenrealm on Sep 16, 2017
Gay Male

Two Worlds Collide Part 1 Ryndal This is the time of the year, where you feel the crisp chill starting to settle across the land. Not many elves appreciate the cold, but me, I love the cold; it reminds me that, though immune to time, I am mortal, and can die. It is also the time that you appreciate the beauty of the world as it starts to sink into a cold s...

Alien Prison Ch. 01

by CassieJo on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

Hey guys, this is my first story here. I would appreciate feedback, both positive and negative comments are welcome. This story is set in the future and it has aliens, drugs, sex, and love in it. I am going to break it up into chapters so not every chapter will have sex in it; please keep that in mind. The later chapters are longer than the first few. Enjoy...

Business Escape Pt. 08

by morganjeffreydavis on Jul 13, 2020
Gay Male

Vegas Aftermath As I situated into my seat on the flight home, the sweat began to release knowing what I had ahead of me. I was legitimately tempted to head straight back to the hotel to hide for days, but knew it was time to rip the bandaid and confront the situation at home. My brain would teeter back and forth between planning the uncomfortable conver...

University Discoveries Ch. 02

by fantasyhunter2 on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

It seems I have more time than I thought. Greg just called. He is running late and won't be in for several more hours. At least I got a clear indication that he is having the same thoughts I am about what we will be doing this weekend. But now the anticipating is killing me. It is also bringing back more old memories. As long as I have to wait, I figure shar...

Crushing on a straight

by Tfangs on May 21, 2019

Tick, tock, tick, tock. Glancing for the eleventh time at the clock, you couldn't hold a deep, bored sigh. On your table, a piece of paper was laying, waiting to be collected, graded, and given back later. Having finished a test too early and now having to wait for the bel to ring was desperately dull, and you had but one wish: for it to be over already. The...

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Little Red Pill Ch. 04

by MattyTanner on Dec 23, 2019
Gay Male

I woke up the next morning to a sense of uneasiness and dread. It wasn't that I had my first shift back at Shure-Save, the neighborhood grocery store, that afternoon. That actually wasn't a terrible summer gig. It was more mind-numbing than unpleasant. The co-workers were generally nice and some of the customers were weirdly interesting, if nothing else. No,...

Avery's Desire Pt. 21

by Chancem77 on Apr 10, 2019
Gay Male

The door shut and any light that had once illuminated the tiny room, no matter how little, was now totally obliterated by the darkness. It took Avery a minute to process what had just happened. It was almost too much to believe. How could he have been stupid enough to have allowed this to happen? He should have let Rick come with him but Avery never thought...

Sexual Secrets Ch. 05

by DickSwett on Oct 5, 2020
Gay Male

The month of December in central Maine is fucking cold. Let there be no mistake about that. As Logan Temple walked briskly back to his dorm one afternoon not only could he see his breath, but it turned into tiny ice droplets before evaporating, while each intake of oxygen through his nose burned his nostrils. It was the first time this boy from California wo...