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The Ultimate Muscle Hunk Challenge

by writerofgayer on Sep 16, 2017
Gay Male

One night I was really bored and I flipped on the TV. It had been a few years since I'd watched any TV show religiously, and I wasn't even sure there was anything good on. "500 channels and nothing to watch," I mused to myself as I flipped through the channels lazily. But then, just as I was about to give up, I saw a brief scene of two shirtless, heavily-mus...

Muscle Men Studs

by silkstockingslover on Jul 13, 2020
Gay Male

Summary: Straight Guy becomes obsessed with big strong men. Note 1: This is dedicated to Mark who requested this story. Note 2: This is a NUDE DAY 2020 CONTEST STORY. Note 3: Thanks to Tex Beethoven and Robert for editing this story. Muscle Men Studs Every guy goes through a mid-life crisis. Most buy some extravagant unnecessary purchase to prove their...

Daren and Robert on Fire Island

by alphafan on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

Robert and I are buddies. I guess you could better say we're buddies with benefits. Although we aren't exclusively involved and don't live together or anything, we do enjoy doing a lot of buddy things together and particularly enjoy 'getting together' on occasion. Robert and I first met at a gym in Chelsea soon after we each had arrived in New York. We bo...

The Professor and the Boys Ch. 02

by TAHammer on Mar 30, 2020
Gay Male

David was really beginning to like the new house. He had gotten the interior pretty much finished, but the exterior was a complete mess. It had been neglected for quite awhile. Hedges were overgrown, the patio almost gone, and you couldn't tell where the flowerbeds were and where the lawn was. He had tried to tackle it himself but it was a huge job. He saw a...

Last House on Fraternity Row Ch. 02

by texastank on Mar 12, 2019
Gay Male

Ch. 2: Orientation The first thing he noticed was the smell. Luke had gotten used to the stale air of the dorms, so when the scent of sweat, beer, and marijuana hit his nose he was jolted out of what had until then been a relaxed, weed-induced sleep. He barely had time to notice that it was 5:00 AM before a hand clapped over his mouth. He started struggl...

Straight Tequila Pt. 03

by Ryan Carlyle on Mar 27, 2018
Gay Male

Author's Note -- There are elements of non-consent in this story. If that type of element offends you, or is problematic, please do not read. ### I couldn't believe it. Carlos . . . my friend . . . my brother . . . the hottest, sexiest man I'd ever known . . . was lying on my bed, sound asleep, and completely nude. Even though I felt guilty for doing it,...

Gym Workout: Rob, John, Ryan, & Coach

by whodominou on Aug 31, 2017
Gay Male

Author's Note: If you have not previously read my work, please keep an open mind to the unimaginable as there will be monster cocks, expanding bodies, cumflation, and much more. All characters are over the age of 18. Enjoy! ****** John Oberker looked himself over in his mirror at home before heading to school. His mom had already scolded him to wake up fo...


by peleiades on Aug 31, 2017
Gay Male

The big man paced naked around the locker room, from mirror to locker and back, shaving, trimming, moisturizing. He was 35 and hard as a rock, tall, big-boned, and hairy. Jet black hair. His deep chest was wild with it, but it disappeared as it moved down toward his crotch, leaving his belly smooth. He had a small but thick bush of hair in his crotch. His di...

Mike's Meat Ch. 02

by dirtyword on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

For the next couple weeks I watched Mike, my straight bodybuilding housemate, walk around my house in his underwear. On the days Mike did his leg routine at the gym he would come back to the estate and pose for me like we had agreed to. This was one of the conditions for him to live here rent free. I got to feel his gorgeous legs at the end of each posing se...

Muscle and Breath Control

by muffinbod on Aug 17, 2017
Gay Male

This story is a treasure memory. I took to the gym in my late teens, having been a fat kid. Fat kids were rare in those days. I guess that being more numerous now, perhaps there is less stigma attached to being "The fat kid", maybe not but when I see so many obese children waddling about the supermarket and I remember how much effort it has taken to recover...