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Infinite Scroll

Wolf's Alpha Status

by dchacha1 on Jul 4, 2018
Gay Male

Bing Bing.....Bing Bing. Aaron sat on the side of his bed, grimacing at the thought of checking the message on his phone. It had been a month since his tag team loss to Greg and Diego, and he and Matthew were no longer on speaking terms. Aaron had all but vanished from the underground wrestling scene and become a recluse. It was hard for him to accept that...

Tales Of Eroticia

by Caprimoon on Aug 1, 2019

Welcome to Tales Of Eroticia! This story allows you to make lots of choices. Will you play a dominant warrior capable of making any foe submit to his cock? Or a gentle cleric who gets on his knees and sucks off an enemy to diffuse the situation? Will you be a slender elf with a bubble butt? A muscle-bound orc? A half-man, half-dragon? The choice is yours. Be...

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Shattered Boundaries Ch. 08

by Humilifuck on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

Sex is a kind of opium for the masses. We are intoxicated yet keenly aware. The solution to every problem is suddenly evident. We blindly leap towards our bliss and our inevitably downfall. "Your ass is so fucking tight." Jim huffed. I replied, "Sorry Sir." Being careful to keep the tone of my voice respectful; without any hint of the apprehension I...

Becoming a bitch

by Testytesterton on Nov 28, 2019

(Skip this if you don't like boring behind the scenes stuff. Wow! Over 3000 likes and story of the week for my first story here! Thanks to everyone who has liked, bookmarked or commented. The feedback lets me know what works and what might need work. I would love for this to be the most popular story in its category, so if you like the story, "like&quot...

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Dylan's Domination

by Qdawg2693 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

My name is Dylan. I am hot, much hotter than anyone I have encountered in the past 20 years. I have rippling waves of abs, each of which are equally as ripped as the next. The girls crawl over me, leaving no spot unattended to. My smooth back, toned legs (hairless of course) and curved ass. I keep up with a nice tan, all over. I am drooled over and named the...

Chore Bitch Pt. 01

by travelsforfunxxx on May 12, 2020
Gay Male

I've been using an app to hook up with guys for over 15 years, and I'm a true switch. I genuinely enjoy both being in charge and being a complete and total bitch. As a way to keep myself entertained during COVID 19 and to give something back to the kink community, I decided to share some of the stories about guys I've hooked up with. One day, I was feeling...

Story of a Girlie Boy Ch. 02

by August74 on Oct 6, 2020
Gay Male

I was now fitting into my new life as Tyrone's whore. It's been two months since I began my transition from a functioning and boring man into a sexy girlie boy. My pimp, Tyrone, is my master. He is my everything. He has taught me so many ways to service real men and now I feel confident of my skills. I have done it all. Fucking, and sucking is just the begin...

Disparate Sizes

by Outdoor4Sport on Aug 31, 2017
Gay Male

This is not a story in the traditional sense. There is no plot, there is only a small hint at the end about motivation and that there is a wider story. It is a description of a sexual event. It was inspired by seeing some photos on a blog about sex between men of disparate sizes. It is told from the perspective of the small guy. Naked. Face down. Flat on...

My Interracial Fantasies

by faggotloser on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

The following story isn't a story so much as a confession. I could have rewritten it in the form of a narrative with characters and plot, but I think I will save that for some other time. Instead, this story is more of a stream-of-consciousness confession of the fantasies I have. Being that this is all a true confession of sexual secretes I've been keeping I...

The Chosen One

by Giggles on Jan 17, 2021

(Warning: Story will feature heavy Homosexual Themes and Explicit Content.) (Warning: Some chapters have altered text and interactions depending on the score) "Come on the field" Coach shouted at the group of college students. "There is no way you lil' bitches are gonna make regionals with the sloppy behavior I saw last night." Coach was...

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