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The Nudist and the New Roommate

by nudemac on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

The story below is written with the intention of putting my fantasy down on paper (symbolic) and allowing others to enjoy it as much as I do. There are some conditions that must be met first though: a. You must be of legal age in which ever state, county, country or universe that you reside in. b. If you find graphic sex and detailed descriptions of se...

Stranger on the Couch Ch. 01

by PSNudist on Mar 28, 2018
Gay Male

I woke up with a start, raising my head and looking around my messy bedroom as I rubbed my eyes. I soon realized that I could have been awakened by the pounding in my head. Too many martinis last night? I tried to remember and came up blank. In desperate need of aspirin, I pulled the comforter off me and immediately felt the room's chilly air on my naked bo...

College Roommates Meet Ch. 06

by tomthewriter on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

Recap: Just then Devante's phone vibrated with a text coming in. Spencer stood up to see what it was and picked up Devante's phone. Inside his head, Devante was cursing himself for not putting a lock on his phone, but before now he had never needed one. Spencer almost dropped the phone when he read the message. Chapter 6: After regaining his composure, S...

Teacher's Assistant Pt. 01-02

by eastrockies on Jan 21, 2020
Gay Male

A true story... Part 1: It was my senior year in high school. I had turned eighteen in the fall. Anyway, I was a very athletic student. I played basketball and baseball. I had some good friends and a big crush on a very busty girl in my class. She was constantly trying to get me to "go further" but I was pretty intimidated by her. In order to graduate,...

Boarding School Slave Ch. 02

by bonerboy95 on Dec 24, 2018
Gay Male

"Room inspection!" I hear someone say from outside my door. I open my eyes and sit up in my bed. Cody isn't here, he must have gone out while I slept in. I needed some extra sleep after staying up to work on his homework assignments all night. I pull the blanket off of myself to go open the door, but realize that I'm still naked. Whoever is outside my r...

Just a Game Ch. 01

by tamgreen on Sep 19, 2017
Gay Male

It was a game at first--a stupid game they played to humiliate and gross each other out, and then it evolved into a sort of competition. It became a game of Chicken, and in the end, they both won. Pete had known Dean for a while, but they weren't exactly friends before they became roommates. Dean was a friend-of-a-friend he saw regularly because they all us...

Acceptance Ch. 03

by Kisput on Aug 17, 2017
Gay Male

Kneeling in front of Al in the headlights along a dirt road, Andy contemplated the fact that having just completed his first blow job, he was now being told to strip naked. Nudity was not a major issue for Andy, he had after all, in younger days, been to a nudist colony on numerous occasions. The fact that his best friend, who had driven them to this locatio...

A Morning on the Beach

by Tiberius58 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

The year that I turned 18 was a busy one for me. I had just taken my A level exams at college, and was waiting to see if the results would allow me to go to the university of my choice. I had a long hot summer to wait, and spent the summer living in a holiday chalet that my parents owned on the Norfolk coast. I spent every sunny day on the beach, and in the...

Naked, Not Nude

by KeithD on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

About the time the top-down convertible stopped just down the road, waiting for him to catch up, Brady realized who it was. He should have been faster on the uptake, he thought. Who, other than the guy living five houses down from his parent's house in Titusville, Florida, owned a restored, cherry-red 1967 Impala SS convertible? Of course, what could he do o...

No Wonder He's So Cocky

by dixeenormous on Sep 19, 2017
Gay Male

As a college freshman at a state school in the Rocky Mountains, I was a pretty conservative guy, especially considering all the boozing, drugs, and wild sex that was running rampant in my coed dorm. My high school years were very low key; I had dated the same girl since sophomore year, swam competitively, and studied hard. At university, I was in way over my...