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Perspectives Ch. 05-06

by keptbyfather on Feb 12, 2019
Gay Male

Part 5. A Cold War With Another Napoleon: Jason's perspective Things were going pretty good for me at work. I was good at my job, I liked most of my co-workers, and, maybe most importantly, the higher-ups in the office liked my work. My personal life wasn't worth shit. But I suppose not every aspect of one's life can be clicking on all cylinders at the same...

Perspectives Ch. 03-04

by keptbyfather on Jan 15, 2019
Gay Male

Part 3: Can't Fight This Feeling: Jason's perspective When I told myself John Roberts was going to be trouble for me, I had no idea how right I'd be. I found out fairly early on after he started working in my office that my assumption about his marital status because of the absence of a ring was wrong. And - a couple months after he started in the office -...

Craigslist Chronicles Ch. 08: Job Interview

by Profanity89 on May 1, 2018
Gay Male

Hey All, continuing my series based around my early 20's... Thought I'd get it all written out before I hit my 30's. ;) Most of the chronicles I'll be releasing are based on real-life experience as I explored my sexual urges with other men. Again, feedback on writing is enjoyed! I love some constructive criticism. ***** Craigslist Chronicles Ch.08: Intervi...

Glass Canyon Connection

by sr71plt on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

My boss, Sid Jamison, had told me that tonight was one of "those" nights and that I was to be in his office at precisely 8:15. Such a summons was not that unusual; Jamison had been fucking me regularly for a couple of months on the desk top in his office after hours. I didn't mind this, because he was really hot and not all that old and he was being really g...

Abused By The Cleaning Crew

by buttcheeks777 on Aug 28, 2017
Gay Male

What a day. It had been one problem after another it seemed like. I was beat, mentally and physically, and I needed a hot shower and a cold beer. I knew that the hot water would feel especially good on my weary bones after the long day at the office. We had hired a new cleaning company for our office building and I was in charge of making sure they showed up...

Cute Co-Worker

by Giselle_Renarde on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

I have a fantasy about this cute guy at the office... Peter is slim and not terribly tall, with dark curly hair. He's always dressed to the nines in a three-piece suite with a flower in his lapel. He even has one of those old-fashioned hats like the debonair heroes of black-and-white movies. Did I mention that Peter is gayer-than-gay? Openly so; it's not ju...

Turned at the ABS Ch. 02

by Want2serviceU on Aug 29, 2017
Gay Male

I was half sitting half kneeling on the floor of an ABS with cum dripping out of my ass, cum on my face in my mouth at least the taste was still very much in my mouth. There was still a few men looking at me while I stood up gathered my clothes. Two young white guys with cocks smaller than I had just had grabbed me and used me like a sex doll, then pushed me...

Tattoo Ch. 06: Workplace Standards

by drmweaver705 on Oct 6, 2020
Gay Male

All participants are over 18. ***** The dreaded day arrived: Monday. My two weeks of vacation ended and it was time to go back to work. I called in an hour before my office shift and, to my great relief, I successfully arranged to work from home for three days, but there was no avoiding returning to the office on Thursday for the team meeting. I was well...

Office Prostitute: Exotic Discreet

by Alluring_Crimson_Shifter on Mar 26, 2019
Gay Male

Monique, a fit and well groomed office assistant straightened her skirt, and pulled her panties out of her ass crack. She licked residual cum from her lips and swallowing once more to clear her throat, enjoying the taste. She said, "Merci beaucoup," and took the money from Mr. Johnson for the blow job. Monique had been earning extra money for showing her bo...

My Boss and Master Ch. 01

by MitchCapslock on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

All comments and criticism welcome/ The words from my boss snapped me back to reality. I'd lost myself for the past 10 minutes on his cock, using my mouth and tongue to make long, slow strokes along his shaft. He was perched against his desk, naked from the waist down, as I knelt before him. His pants were folded neatly across the back of the chair, while...