Gay Oil Wrestling Stories

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The Match

by DonnyDickson on Aug 28, 2017
Gay Male

"Ever wrestle before?" It was an odd question to come out of nowhere from someone I had just barely got to know. I stopped walking and looked down at my skinny frame for a moment, then back to the face of my college schoolmate. "Are you kidding?" I replied, laughing. "Do I look like a wrestler to you?" Perry, who really wasn't that much bigger than me phy...

Real World of Wrestling Ch. 01

by feelingbrave on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

Round 1 Will, Bob and I had known each other for many years through college sports, nights out drinking and various other ‘guy things’. Though I knew they were gay, this had never made a difference in our friendship. We really had much more in common than we had differences. They had always respected that I wasn’t gay and had never seriously come on to me....

Cock Fighting

by Paul44 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

"What do you think of Greco-Roman wrestling?" Neville asked as he rubbed oil into his skin. "Pardon?" I replied with some confusion. I had been admiring his naked body and how tanned it was as we lay in the sun in my backyard. Ever since meeting him we had been able to enjoy time together to tan and enjoy other things. He shaved now and I loved to see his...

Erotic Oil Battle: Humiliation

by mudwrestler on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

Be careful what you wish for! You probably know the rest of the saying. And yes, sometimes you do get it. I have been extremely lucky so far to have been able to indulge in what was once just a fantasy. Messy male erotic wrestling. I have had the pleasure of wrestling in a wondrous variety of substances and meeting a terrific selection of guys of all sha...

Spring Break Oil Wrestling Contest

by WorldOfSize on Jun 8, 2020
Gay Male

Kevin and Todd, best buds through elementary, high school, and their Freshman year of college, were in Orlando for their very first spring break. Everything was going just how they'd imagined. Chicks in skimpy bikinis were everywhere, alcohol was plentiful, everybody was available, DTF, and skin was in the game. They'd hit the gym hard in preparation for sh...

Cock in the Sun

by Paul44 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

We lay naked on the beach enjoying the fell of the sun on our bodies. What was unusual was that with Neville and myself was my wife someone who had never before made any effort to come to the nude beach. She wasn't naked since she wore a thong but she was topless and her breasts had that shade of white that meant she had never exposed them before to the sun....

When in Rome

by sr71plt on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

We were summoned for the exercises. I was to wrestle, and I hoped that I'd draw Victor. He was all bulging muscle and beauty and fluid movement. As I entered the palaestra through the columns, I saw him over to the side with a group of other soldiers, laughing and jesting with them as he removed his breastplate to show rippling muscles and solid abs every bi...

Prep School Doc

by fasthand on Oct 3, 2018
Gay Male

Dr. Russ Waddell had been a practicing physician for almost twenty years now. But his current position was by far and away his favorite. He was the school physician for an all-male prep school. These students had all graduated high school but either lacked the grades or the academic exposure to be admitted to a four year college. All students were basically...

The Wrestler

by Originsunknown on Nov 18, 2019
Gay Male

I sat waiting for the impending buzzer, my heart pounding in my chest as usual, my naked body covered in baby oil and thanks to the stroking by the pretty assistant, my cock stood erect and hopeful. I suppose I should start at the beginning really... "Marcus, get your ass over here." Yelled my manager. I quickly got to my feet, wondering what I'd be blamed...

Prison Hell Ch. 03

by spitzharder on Aug 31, 2017
Gay Male

My head was jammed between a powerful thigh and a the rhymically heaving muscles of a hard stomach. My lips were pressed to the dark, oily skin of his belly, any brief respite in his breathing was the only chance of gasping for breath myself. How was this ebony Adonis able trap me so? My own tanned body had been oiled a long time ago, sweat had added to to t...