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Found Love in a Hopeless Place Ch. 03

by dourdan on Aug 7, 2019
Gay Male

Over the next few weeks, I worked with Dr. Miller in her lab. I was more of a secretary then a scientist, filing paperwork, blood and tissue samples, etc. I had to admit that working days was a lot easier than working nights and a lot more freedom. On Sunday I met up with Noah at the chapel. There was a local preacher who came by to lead a non-denominationa...

A Show for Sean's Eyes

by JJEroticas on Oct 6, 2020
Gay Male

It never happened because gang bangs these days are too dangerous. But it happened in a made-up world. One in which I was a twenty-four-year-old heart throb and a political martyr. I had an envelope of forty-five men: seventy-five-year-old plusses, on my passenger seat. The sun burned down on it as I drove to the tattoo parlor. The day before, with handmade...

Discovery Pt. 02

by eroticwriter00 on Mar 18, 2020
Gay Male

Dinner that evening was a blur and on several occasions, my wife asked if everything was okay. Everything was not okay. I had cheated on my wife, sucked a friend's cock and let him kiss my neck and lips. I made a cup of tea for my wife and me and we watched the news in silence. She prepared her lunch for tomorrow and I surfed the web for nothing in particul...

And Just Like That...

by Transparent_Elegy on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

A/N: First story of (hopefully) many. Please shower me in comments and feedback. ***** AND JUST LIKE THAT... My life is broken. As I stare out of the window of the café, the music drifting through the speakers comes as muffled noises into my ears, the smell of freshly ground coffee beans that I once basked in now makes me go dizzy and nauseous , I ponder...

Muscle Men Studs

by silkstockingslover on Jul 13, 2020
Gay Male

Summary: Straight Guy becomes obsessed with big strong men. Note 1: This is dedicated to Mark who requested this story. Note 2: This is a NUDE DAY 2020 CONTEST STORY. Note 3: Thanks to Tex Beethoven and Robert for editing this story. Muscle Men Studs Every guy goes through a mid-life crisis. Most buy some extravagant unnecessary purchase to prove their...

Damien's Initiation

by ncdogging2013 on Oct 7, 2019
Gay Male

I had no idea what to expect (or what was expected of me for that matter) as I walked in through the front hallway. I had been in this house countless times and knew the layout well, but everything took on an unfamiliar look now. I instinctively headed toward the kitchen at the end of the hall. This had always been the rallying point any time I came to hang...

Assassin's Path Ch. 04

by MaximumAwe on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

I would like to thank everyone who left comments about the other chapters of this story. Sorry for how long it took to get this chapter out. Enjoy! ***** I was once again standing on the other side of the two huge doors that lead into the Grand Hall. Slightly less nervous this time, but still feeling like there were bats in my stomach. I took a deep brea...

Out in the Black Ch. 13

by outstandingunderground on Jul 13, 2020
Gay Male

This is a book-length work, so not every chapter will involve sex. If you're just looking for a quick wank, this may not be your story. Thanks for reading! ===== For the first time since Rusty made that whole "decapitation" comment, I didn't stop to put my clothes away before crawling into bed. Well, there'd been that one night in my room, but leaving yo...

Travis and Adam Ch. 06

by Sweet_Sarah72 on Sep 19, 2017
Gay Male

This is the last chapter for my Travis and Adam series. This was my first series on this site and I have enjoyed writing every second of it. I have more than 5 other chapter stories I am working on- as time permits- and will be posting them soon. Thank you for the comments online and the emails sent to me. ***** Adam paced outside the conference room, obl...

Clive and Max Pt. 07

by KlausWankedorf on Jun 9, 2020
Gay Male

It had been a busy day at the cafe and I was finally at home. The weather was still quite warm and a sensuous easterly breeze was blowing through my hair. There was something about an easterly that left me wanting to run with my arms stretched wide, to lay on freshly washed sheets naked or to have some hot man run his hands all over my body until I explode l...