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Fucking the Professor Ch. 02

by Bigmeat_Stud on Jan 7, 2019
Gay Male

Chapter 2 Part I: Dirty During Class A few days after our encounter in the bathroom, I attended Blake's class. As I arrived early, like I always did, I noticed that there was a small box with a note on top at the spot where I normally sat. Now, heading into this class I was already excited because I was going to be seeing Blake and the two of us shared a s...


by theGaytistic on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

Rage. Heat. Raw emotion. High ecstasy. Building sensation. Things that can't be controlled, that can't be ignored, that can't be released. This was a night not like any other. Two orks making love, after momentous events of their relationship, has made this night the night of pure lovemaking. And this not just any ordinary night of lovemaking, this is diffe...

Melissa Takes Me To A Twink Orgy

by Versatile2008 on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

(Note to reader: this scene, this story was suggested by a woman who sent me feedback on one of my other stories. And who is a devotee of raw, intense, male-male sex. She's the 'Melissa' in the story, and you can see just how vivid and outrageous an imagination she has!) Now that Melissa and I had really gotten into scenes where we'd add a stud or a coupl...

The Day After Ch. 04

by ifiknewthen on Dec 24, 2019
Gay Male

Summary of Previous Chapters: After a weird night on Halloween, Chase and Ryan head out to the woods to figure things out. They leave the city, their significant others, and Travis and Joey behind as they redefine what their friendship looks like. The first night of camping ends with Ryan tight in Chase's arms. ***** I woke up in a daze of sweat and confus...

The L from Oak Park

by KeithD on May 23, 2018
Gay Male

They had been on the same tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright house and studio in Oak Park, Illinois, and then they'd passed each other or sighted each other from the distance while both were strolling through the area picking out and observing the other houses Wright had designed and that had been constructed in what was now just a far suburb of Chicago. They w...

Roommate, His Boyfriend, & Me Ch. 02

by tye27 on Sep 15, 2017
Gay Male

After having my young college boy ass filled with Nathan's cum, I decided to go back to sleep and let it marinate inside me. When I finally woke up it was around 10:30 am. Luckily for me Tuesday was my free day. Usually on Tuesday mornings Matt had class from 8 to 11 and Nathan was in class from 10 to 6. This gave me an hour or two home alone that I enjoyed...

After Work Beer

by standingstones on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

This past week at work had been a rough one. I was stressed out by the time Friday rolled around. I don't usually do this, but I headed to a nearby tavern to get a beer before I went home. I had just gotten a draft and sat down at a table when some guy walked over to me. He was a tall blonde in his mid-twenties. I have to admit he was handsome as well. My lo...

The Summer of 2004 Ch. 06

by NYCSTUD on Sep 1, 2017
Gay Male

As I continued to suck his cock and look up at him, his expression was stoical on the surface, which was such a manly turn on, but there was appreciation and gratitude in his eyes. Those eyes were appreciating me as a friend, as a buddy, for trusting him and jumping off the cliff. They conveyed respect for sucking him and subordinating myself to his supreme...

Mary's Deception

by euphor1a on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

I had been on the internet for more than three hours, talking to a beautiful woman named Mary. She was hesitant at first, but eventually we shared photos and talked about our fantasies. She loved the name I was given at birth, "Vincent". It reminded her of simple times. She was very open-minded and had many kinky ideas, most of which made us giggle. I had p...

Curious No More Ch. 09

by bicurve on Sep 25, 2017
Gay Male

These are based on true experiences. Sometimes, even I had trouble believing that they actually occurred as they seemed like porn movies. As always, I love feedback and a 'Thank you' goes out to those that have emailed me. I hope you continue to enjoy my enjoyment. A very special and huge 'thank you' to Goamz86 for editing. ***** "You think you've pushed...