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Waking up gay

by Honeybunni on Sep 16, 2019

You stretch and open your eyes. Sun is shining, birds are singing. What a wonderful sleep! Ever since your girlfriend left you, the bed has always felt empty, but that was phenomenal! Finally moving on from that bitch and ready to move on. You brush off your covers, letting the air hit your naked body. Sleeping naked is healthier for you; or so that one Face...

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The gay reality-bender

by cocozbuk on Aug 27, 2020

Matt was walking in the street, thinking about this dream he had had. He knew it was only a dream, but it had felt so realistic. This spirit coming down to him, telling him he had been chosen to receive an incredible gift : the gift of becoming almighty, able to turn his wishes into reality with one simple word. He shook his head. Of course it was bullshit....

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The Language of Monster

by Durcet on Aug 17, 2017
Gay Male

It was hot. In all senses of the word. The newest club in town, the hottest DJs, hottest music. The lighting, as the owner had told him numerous times, had been designed by the hottest lighting designer in the country. The hottest, hardest bodies in town had been invited or paid to dance on the dancefloor. And they'd turned the air con down. In the sullen he...

Turkish Delight Ch. 06

by BuckJones0001 on Jun 19, 2018
Gay Male

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. ***** The showers are over. Both men are squeaky clean, facing each other as they lie on the cushions. The Turk and Umut study each other in the silent afterglow. "We could go at it again, but let's not. We've got all weekend. We can do all kinds of sexual things... watch each other d...

Chase Becomes Chaste Ch. 04

by growing_interest on Aug 22, 2017
Gay Male

Chapter 4: Dogged Determination Synopsis: With his powers seemingly exhausted, our narrator recruits help to keep Chase in his place. **************** I awoke with a throbbing headache. I felt hungover. The sun shining in through the room's many windows strained my eyes. As much as I just wanted to stay in bed, eventually I pulled myself up so that I coul...

Complete Control

by vicw1392 on Apr 27, 2014

James had read, and seen, porn about men who could change the world, and that's what he'd been doing last night. After a quick, and mostly unsatisfying, wank, he'd fallen asleep wishing that there was more of this type of porn for gay men; where was the fun in reading about unlimited possibilities if all the characters do is make everyone's tits bigger? Then...

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Popular Ch. 01

by Gryffindor on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

Welcome to Serenity, the beautiful town where the main campus of Reynolds University is located. You're about to enter the lives of four college students, where life is anything but easy. Leo Warner, Lexie Covington, and Noah Radcliff have been best friends since grade school, and they are three of the most popular people on campus, even if they are only so...

Telling Secrets

by OwenBurke on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

"Mind if we go for a drive before I take you home?" I glanced at Mr. Shannon's classic profile, lit by only the dash lights of the car. "That's fine," I answered suddenly nervous. Here it comes. I just announced to my family that I was gay. They were friends with my employer, Mr. Shannon. Either he going to fire me because I was gay or.... "I just want to...

At The Pool Pt. 01

by SxyHusband on Sep 25, 2017
Gay Male

For all intents and purpose, you could say that I am a happily married man. Forty years old, married to my wife of 10 years and enjoying the luxuries of travel and finances that come to a couple who have decided not to have kids. Our marriage you could say is normal, she is a corporate lawyer and I, an independent real estate investor who works from home....

Meeting My Master

by sonicbrad on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

After weeks of being dominated by my Master, we were about to meet face to face for the firs time. I had a very clear image in my head on how this day would turn out, we had played out this scene many times since meeting online 5 weeks ago and now I am here, standing at Masters front door, building up the courage to knock the 3 times as I was instructed in t...