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Infinite Scroll

Nick and Barron Pt. 01

by sanmariano on Dec 25, 2019
Gay Male

**Nick is pissed off and getting drunk, knowing he should stop. But when he sees the hot blond superstud come walking in the bar it gives him every reason to drink all the more!** ***** New York City Nick was sitting at the bar at Jilly's on Fifth Avenue nursing his fifth scotch and soda and trying not to slug it down like he had the others. He was pissed...

It Could Be Worse Ch. 06

by eviltwin52 on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

In chapter 5 Leon took control of what he called his new sissy and fucked Cin into submission. We both became addicted to his superior black cock. Besides falling for his cock, Leon's predatory nature was evident. He wants Cin and I to prostitute ourselves for him. In the throes of black cock lust, we agreed. It could be worse Part 6 "Did you remember t...

Los Desperados

by Outama on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

A quiet young man sat in Cabin Three Fourteen of Railway 909 - a famous passenger train that traveled throughout the large war torn country of Espada. After Pazuzu's Meteor had catastrophically smashed into the Earth in 2015, many people took that opportunity to rekindle the flames of war and hate. People rioted and rebelled. Governments collapsed. Senseless...

Friends, Sexcapades and Love Affairs Ch. 08

by laurasfox on Oct 12, 2020
Gay Male

Chapter Eight -- Good News And Bad News Adrian woke up with a yawn and stretched, blinking hard to chase away the sand from his eyes. For a moment or two, he felt the place next to him with one hand. He sighed. Somehow he doubted Edward was in the kitchen, making waffles. But there was no point in being disappointed since Adrian was not at all into that kin...

The Slave and His Master Ch. 10

by loveandlust28 on Dec 9, 2019
Gay Male

One year After The Abduction Aiden sat alone, in the bedroom of blue and gold that Sagi had first shown him when he arrived. The boy brought his slender arms around his knees as he curled up into a tiny ball. The room was softly lit and the fire light caused the gold chains around Aiden's wrists to sparkle. The boy had light, delicate but strong, chains a...