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Chubby Exhibitionist Let Him Watch

by ddhavnfun on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

Over the past few years I have become aware of my bi-sexual side and the pleasures of exhibitionism, especially for guys. My only outlet for this for a long time was the webcam; I am more than a little apprehensive about the "park bathroom". Besides they smell. Most guys I have cammed for love the show and I really enjoy having them in my room. I drive for m...

The Rest Area [GF-32] Pt. 01

by charlessmythe on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

Before I gave my first blowjob, I'd had a few experiences with guys, where I played with one guy's cock for a while before he stroked me off and another instance where I sucked a guy for a little while before he got me off. In both cases the guys seemed more satisfied than I was. But I never got the chance to pursue taking another guy's load. However, one ni...

Fun at a Rest Area

by michbics on Sep 15, 2017
Gay Male

My experience with sex at a rest area all started one weekend when I was meeting a friend in Southern California. The Interstate is littered with rest areas little did I know that I would become infatuated with them. I have heard of what some folks call gay "cruising" at rest areas but I never thought I would be one getting "cruised." So, I had been in the...

No Rest in the Rest Area

by rodneysteele41 on Jul 31, 2018
Gay Male

During my years of exploring the world, and getting my rocks off in as many different ways, and places, as possible, the first time I enjoyed a sex romp at a highway rest area was back in the mid-nineties. I had been returning to Austin, Texas, for my senior year at the university when the need for a bathroom stop got the better of me. Too much McDonald's dr...

The Rest Area

by sickoboy on Oct 21, 2019
Gay Male

Damian was driving from Fremont to Pealsburg, his trusty truck eating the miles and chugging gas, the summer night warm and wind cool as it streamed into his single cab. In the dark of the night Damian had stopped on the side of the road and shucked his jeans off, driving the rest of the way naked, his hard cock against the steering wheel, like a third hand...

The Retreat Ch. 01

by JJ122964 on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

I was surprised that I was invited to the work cabin. I have only been working at the company for 2 years now and to get an invite to a company retreat this early in a career is a rare thing. It was in a cabin that was very secluded and surrounded by giant sequoias. I found the entrance and a valet came out and took the keys to park the car. "Your bags will...

Road Trip from Gastonia

by steve434 on Aug 17, 2017
Gay Male

This is the true story of a road trip I made to North Carolina. When I was 18 years old, I drove up to Gastonia, NC to visit a buddy. At the time, I was just under 6' and weighed around 155. My friend had grown up in my neighborhood, and he and his family had recently moved to NC. It was the summer time before my senior year, so it seemed like a good reason...


by particularpen on Oct 7, 2019
Gay Male

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. ***** Tanner turned onto the exit ramp when he saw the familiar blue Rest Area sign. This specific Rest Area had become THE destination of choice for simply getting his rocks off. It was almost like a drug now. He thought to himself suddenly that he probably wouldn't be here again for...

Rest Area

by Sourcer on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

The Interstate went on mile after uneventful mile, a perfect ribbon of black cutting the desert before me. The car's air conditioner kept us cool while outside the world sweltered. Beside me, my wife dozed and in the back seat, my son did the same. If I paid attention to the road and my surroundings, I would go mad with boredom. In the cool comfort of the ca...

Rest Area Patrol

by LthrBndBy on Jul 6, 2020
Gay Male

It was almost dark, just enough light to tell what's behind you and just enough dark to be alone on an empty highway. I noticed the sign for a rest area up ahead and I had to take a piss. I noticed a single head light coming up on me, and as it got closer, I noticed it was a motorcycle cop, I quickly checked my speed, as we all do, cruise control set at 73...