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Archie's Gay Adventures

by Yelawolf on Jan 4, 2020

(All characters are 18 and over) You are Archie Andrews (from Archie Comics), an average American teenage boy (and an incredibly horny one at that). You have tidy, ginger hair, as well as some freckles that dot your face. You have a muscular, body that comes from exercising on dull days and eating burgers. Truly, you are American as you can be. You wake up o...

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College Days

by goldindigo on Oct 15, 2017
Gay Male

*Noah* I'm not your average college student, well this isn't your average college. I wasn't worried about fitting in or anything because I never had any trouble in that region being a 5'9 blond guy, with crystal blue eyes everyone just naturally liked me, trust me I'm not bragging. The reason I wasn't average is that I'm gay and being in the south that isn'...

So, Pumpkins

by KittyAshleyy on Dec 25, 2019
Gay Male

Author notes: I blame lewd twitter for this xD Happy Halloween *** It was a normal day for me and my twink bottom boyfriend as we were preparing for Halloween by carving pumpkins to decorate our front garden. It was an exciting time of year for us as he would often dress slutty for his outfit, fishnet stockings are commonplace which makes me horny to no en...

The Handyman Ch. 04

by Bjsroxxs on Jun 1, 2020
Gay Male

The following morning, I woke up to the sight of Matthew in his briefs. He was bending over to pick up some empty glasses from the coffee table. The sight of his butt sent blood flowing down to my member. But I decided to ignore my growing erection and sat up. I rubbed my eyes and said, "Good morning." Matthew turned his head to me and said, "Morning," I...

Black Master, Whiteboy Slave Pt. 01

by motoskoota on Jun 1, 2020
Gay Male

"I know you got somebody in there, Jamal." Terrell said, buttonholing his friend on the steps of the building. "You don't know nothing. You hearing things. Told you to stay off of that PCP shit." Jamal said, bending over to retie his shoe. "What the fuck you doing spying on me anyway, dog?" "Who's spying? I can't walk past your window anymore? Maybe you sh...

The Handyman Ch. 07

by Bjsroxxs on Aug 24, 2020
Gay Male

Chapter 7 The following morning, I woke up to the sun beaming into the room. It wasn't directly on us but it was giving light to the room. I looked at the clock next to the TV and it read 10:37 am. Matthew was still asleep only in his briefs, like I was. He was face down with the pillow just barely covering his head. I decided not to wake him and slipped ou...

Party Pizzazz Ch. 02

by bjmichaels on Oct 6, 2020
Gay Male

Party Pizzazz Ch. 02 by BJ Michaels If Tommy hadn't kept such a close eye on me all night at the party I would've ended up as a boy-toy for one of those rich men. That's what he told me afterwards in the car on the drive to his apartment. "Lucky for you I happened to overhear those five assholes bidding on you or you'd belong to one of them now," he said...

Bittersweet Irish Cream Ch. 01

by Kabba118 on Mar 16, 2020
Gay Male

This is is a full love story with many chapters and parts. There are erotic scenes and we'll get to that, but this is first and foremost, a love story. There are twists and turns halfway through, heartbreak and murder, but nothing will keep these two apart. Thank you for taking the time to read about Ethan and Jack, a story dreamed up and now hold near and d...

Friend and Husband Seduction

by SluttyBisexualGuy on Mar 6, 2018
Gay Male

This is the first story that I have written in the first person narrative for Literotica. And that is because this is the first story that is absolutely true and without embellishment, as it comes directly out of my own sex life. Besides the names, nothing, and I do mean absolutely nothing else has been changed. I obtained permission from all parties inv...