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Change My Mind

by Malice2 on Aug 22, 2017
Gay Male

Obligitory Disclaimer: Gay sex, over 18, blah blah, yada yada, you know the drill. This is yet another installment involving Doug from Subway Angel and Tomcats. It's a standalone if you haven't read those yet, so don't worry. I originally wrote this for a friend, which is where I got the name "Patch", (It's an old style nickname for "Peter", much like "Dick"...

Time Stop Watch

by Bibabe69 on Feb 20, 2017

The shrill ringing of your alarm clock fills your room, forcing you to wake up. You sit up in your bed and a sharp pain displays itself in your head. You feel different somehow. Getting out of your bed, you head out of your bedroom and into the small apartment kitchen, your stomach growling loudly. As you enter the room you notice your roomate, Charlie (24),...

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Fixing the straights

by cdbaby on Dec 28, 2016

You wake up and prepare for your day, unaware that this would be the last day you would be considered straight. You shower as you did every morning and felt the water's warm touch as it cascaded over your skin. You could stay here forever if you could. But you need to start your day and the hot water would run out before long. You wash your hair, then the re...

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College Roomate Discovery

by AsssMann on Aug 30, 2017
Gay Male

The following is wholly fictional. Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated! * Scott was your typical college male. He was around 5'9" tall, with short tussled dirty brown hair. Scott was athletic and toned, having played baseball all throughout high school. He was also a ladies man, with a smile and sweet talk that could get almost any woman into...

The New Roomate

by smally on Sep 17, 2017
Gay Male

I was beginning my junior year at college when it happened. I had a 2 bedroom dorm all to myself for the first 2 weeks of the semester. I loved the privacy and had my girlfriend, Cindy, over whenever I wanted. I was kicking back one late afternoon, when I got a call from Pam Clarkson at the office of university housing. She told me that another student need...

Dare Me Ch. 06

by TheNakedGinger on Dec 24, 2019
Gay Male

[AN: I wrote this a while back but forgot to post it. This is probably the last part in this series but I welcome anyone to take it over. Any other hot mind control/hypnosis ideas you have I'm all ears for another one-shot or series. I hope you enjoy!] ***** Dylan walked in and shut the door behind him. It was taking every grain of my willpower to not deck...

Where Do I Start? Pt. 03

by MarcusVindictus97 on Nov 20, 2018
Gay Male

Saturday I slept most of the day recovering from my night with Bandit. My throat was raw from all the deep throating I had done. I got out of bed and grabbed a beer to cool my throat. It felt really good as the cold beer slid down my throat. I checked my stash and saw the ½ a kilo, the deering, and the spoon as well as my weed and rolling papers. I smiled....

Bearded No More

by sr71plt on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

We're in a barber shop at night. I'm laying in a barber's chair, chair back reclined. You are straddling my loins, facing me. We are both buck naked, and you have just languidly fucked yourself on my tool and have now settled down into my lap, feeling my rod go tumescent inside you. You run your hand over your cheek, telling me that it burns and that my bea...

Oral Friends Ch. 02

by oralfriend on Oct 13, 2017
Gay Male

The Shave You may remember the last meeting between my best friend Rich and I when we got together in my back yard and gave each other the best oral sex we'd ever had. This story, though I feel it stands on its own, follows on the heels of that story. ***** It had been a week since I'd been together with my best friend, Rich, in a sexual way. In that time...

Horny on Halloween

by ifiknewthen on Sep 25, 2017
Gay Male

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I had been waiting for this night all week. well, at least since I finally decided on my costume. After weeks of debate with my boyfriend, I decided I wouldn't be the Luigi to his Mario and I would go as something completely different. I would borrow my sister's low cut Chinese dress and drag up to go as a hot Chines...