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Joshua's Story

by Bellatrixie on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

Joshua and Kyle were relaxing on the couch in their dorm room. In reality it was a futon in couch form but it had taken some fancy footwork to be able to fit it into the small double room. It made it so much more comfortable to relax when they weren't sleeping. Joshua got up and went to the computer to put on a new erotic audio from his favorite thread on li...

Stumbling Ch. 04

by lessthanperfect on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

In my room, we sat side by side with our backs against the headboard. He had his laptop on his lap, typing up an outline to our paper. We picked the Watergate Scandal to write our report on. We both found it interesting, as well as having a fair bit of prior knowledge going in. Several hours later, we took a break. Like boys of all ages are want to do, we sh...

Lady Fortune's Smile

by Malice2 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

From deep in the bowels of Hell, the Prince of Darkness releases his hordes of foul, evil and dysfunctional minions bred for the sole purpose of showing up to roommate interviews. And I, Theodore, the legal head of household, must sit here through each horrifying, grueling one on one session with these abominations and remain cordial, collected and most of a...

It’s Independence Day

by DavidPatrick on Sep 5, 2018
Gay Male

Every 4th of July, I travel from my downtown loft to my sister's vacation homes on Thomas Hill Reservoir, an expansive lake in north central Missouri. The lake, which is huge and placid, is virtually unknown. On any given 4th, there are a half dozen or fewer boats on the water, in stark contrast to the more bacchanialian and busier Ozarks two hours to the so...

Chance Encounters

by DavidPatrick on Sep 25, 2017
Gay Male

This is a bit of a deviation for me. Rather than a longer, slower developing story, this is a series of three short(er) stories. They involve three different men at three different stages of the narrator's life: at 18, at 36, and at 54. As always, I enjoy receiving feedback and suggestions from readers, so please post comments or email me your thoughts on ho...