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Two for the Price of One

by mythrender on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

Lightning breached the darkness of the sultry evening revealing a threatening night sky. The immediacy and intensity of the inevitable crack of thunder indicated that the forecasted torrential rains would be soon to arrive as I sat in my small station wagon waiting the night's suitor. The arrangements had been made earlier that day on an Internet chat room w...

Dirty Sheets

by EliHaze on Aug 20, 2019
Gay Male

Chris knew it could have been worse. His roommate could have been messier, louder, more rude. The kinds of things his friends all complained about. Instead, he complained about Tyler. Tyler, who walked around in his underwear with the window wide open so everyone could see. Tyler, who stared at him while he got dressed and made comments. Who kicked Chris out...

A Load of Help Ch. 03

by Brass_ankle on Dec 9, 2017
Gay Male

Connor enjoyed the hot shower he was in. It felt cleansing, almost as if it were washing away his sins of the day. His recent money troubles meant that he couldn't pay his portion of the rent. His roommate Anthony offered to help him at a cost. He lathered up his face cloth, closed his eyes and commenced cleaning his ass. The price he paid to Anthony was a...

Sexual Secrets Ch. 02

by DickSwett on Aug 24, 2020
Gay Male

Autumn is always a fantastic time of year, especially in New England where the leaves change into a bright cacophony of colors that illuminate the landscape as the days grow shorter and colder, a promise of what lies immediately ahead. At a small, liberal arts College in central Maine, there was a definite bite in the air every morning and each evening as th...

Sexual Secrets Ch. 03

by DickSwett on Sep 14, 2020
Gay Male

The day dawned gray and cloudy, the first frost of the season glinting on the large picture window that covered most of the far wall in the dorm room. Logan Temple awoke with his back against a hard cement wall, and blinked a few times until his eyes adjusted. Next to him lay his roommate, Aidan, snoring softly and curled up in a fetal position facing him....

Sexual Secrets

by DickSwett on Aug 24, 2020
Gay Male

The first few weeks of college for an incoming freshman are anything but normal. Attempting to locate all of your classes, not to mention the dining hall, student center, library and every other damn place can be a challenge for many. The task gets even more challenging if the campus sprawls throughout a town as was the case at this small, liberal arts colle...

Nude Modeling w Hung Roommate Pt. 01

by somebody123 on May 11, 2020
Gay Male

I went to college at a small liberal arts college in New England. In high school I was a cross between a jock and an art geek. About 5'11" with sandy blond hair, I played on the soccer and Frisbee teams while spending the rest of my time painting and drawing. Going to a small college let me pursue all of my passions. I signed up for the frisbee and soccer t...

New Roommate Pt. 02

by ozzietosser on Aug 17, 2017
Gay Male

Read the first part of the story here... ***** Nathan entered the bathroom, feeling a combination of embarrassment, surprise and relief. It wasn't ideal to be caught wanking by your new roommate but the result was unexpected. There had been many rumours about Jay's successful pursuit of the girls on campus and N...

My Roommate's Toy Box Ch. 02

by brycemanning on Sep 14, 2020
Gay Male

A couple weeks later, I'm sitting in the first of three classes that are blocked together on my schedule for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. An email from the professor who teaches my second class appears right as I'm about to close my laptop, announcing that the class is canceled and apologizing for the extremely short notice. I'm thrilled that I won't have...

College Tail

by Fragman555 on Feb 6, 2009

You stumble home, drunk from another night out at the bars, another night of being ignored by the girls there. It is late, so you are not surprised to find your dorm room locked by your roommate. You fiddle with your keys, eventually finding the right one, and you stick it into the lock. You turn the lock, and then open the door. It is dark in the room, but...

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