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Infinite Scroll

Human Blowjob Machine

by Subkoksukr4u on Jul 17, 2019
Gay Male

"How many cocks you sucked off before this one?" she asked. Like I could talk right now. "Mmmmmmphhhh", I managed between gagging. "I betcha lost count long time ago, huh?" She laughed, knowing full well I had. Lisa had turned me into a human blowjob fucking machine. I was literally strapped down, head in a harness with a rod attached to a variable speed...

Guys' Retreat Pt. 06

by Cyanlot on Sep 14, 2020
Gay Male

Part 6: Brianna, Used and Abused The humiliating show I'd been forced to put on for Kent and Vince with the two dildos had had an effect. I suspected that it had aroused Kent but I was vividly aware of its effect on Vince. His cock was hard even before I'd gotten it in my mouth. When I'd freed it from his pants, it sprang up, eager to fill my mouth. Now, as...

Oral Friends Ch. 05

by oralfriend on Oct 13, 2017
Gay Male

Oral Friends Five – Double Suck This is the fifth story in the Oral Friends series. Each story stands on its own I believe but the characters carry through them all and sometimes incidents from previous stories are mentioned. This story is pure fantasy, as have all my previous ones been. I've been very pleased with the reception my stories have received. T...

A Worthless Slave Ch. 02

by destroywhiteboys on Sep 16, 2017
Gay Male

WARNING: I tend to use the "n-word" in my stories quite a bit. If you cannot handle reading that word, then this story isn't for you! Remember that this is a work of fiction and should not be taken seriously by anyone. =================== All the old white men gathered around the table and started talking to Javon and each other. With my ass being stretche...

Above and Beyond Ch. 02

by RaulBloodworth on Jul 14, 2020
Gay Male

Matt slowly opened his eyes, the pillow beneath his head nursing his hangover. Thankfully, it was only mild, and based on experience, would be gone within 15 minutes. Sitting up in bed, threw off the covers to reveal a massive erection. He'd been dreaming about last night's events; the dare of giving John a boner that evolved into Matt giving his first blo...

My Best Friend, The Faggot Pt. 03

by tvdude17 on Jan 23, 2018
Gay Male

"What a view!" she proclaimed. Her name was Ava and she and I had been dating for three months now. For this anniversary I booked a room in the hotel I worked at, because of the discount of course. I didn't love her, no she me I believe, but for now that didn't matter. I needed a fresh start. Away from mindless sex with bodies I didn't remember. Away from Ma...

The Dragon's Tribute

by Paradoxxxial on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

= Author's Notes = Though I refer to the main character as a "boy," he is over 18. As for the dragon... well over that. :) Just a heads-up, as this contains a male dragon having nonconsensual sex with a male human. Also PWP (porn without plot), knotting/tying, humiliation, corruption, belly bulging, and cum inflation. If that's stuff you're not into, feel...

Who's Your Daddy

by destroywhiteboys on Sep 25, 2017
Gay Male

WARNING: I tend to use the "n-word" in my stories quite a bit. If you cannot handle reading that word, then this story isn't for you! ================================= "Please, sweetheart...please don't kick me out." I peeked around the corner and saw my dad on his knees in front of my mom and her new boyfriend. My mother was a beautiful middle aged woman...

Word Gets Around

by MrLucky on Sep 1, 2017
Gay Male

This story is fictitious. Any similarity to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental. I am a man, in my 40s and I’m very happily married to my wife Joan. My name is Jim. We’ve been married for 15 years now and have two boys, ages 8 and 10. I’m an insurance agent and have my own business. Joan works at city hall as a clerk. We’re very much involved...

Black is Better Ch. 03

by destroywhiteboys on Sep 25, 2017
Gay Male

WARNING: In my stories, I tend to use the "n-word" quite a bit. If you can't handle reading that...then please leave. ==================== Zach finally came back into consciousness. He looked out the window and saw the sun was high in the sky. "Fuck! I can't miss school. Today is the presentation." Zach ran as fast as he could towards they door. In an ins...