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How He Became A Gay Male Urinal Ch. 01

by maleservant999 on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

The Cast of Participants Elliott -a submissive male in his 50's who is always exploring roles and trying to find one that he would fit into. He resides in Arizona and loves serving men. Is open to exploring new roles Uncle Richard-- is a dominant male in his mid to late 60's and he resides in California. He has corresponded with Elliott for years as a ment...

How He Became A Gay Male Urinal Ch. 02

by maleservant999 on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

Chapter 2 On the Job training The big day is here. It's Sunday morning and Elliott will find out for sure where he will be working as a urinal today. Uncle Richard lets him out of the cage. He empties my urine jug into the piss funnel and instructs Elliott that once we leave for my job he is not to urinate until told to do so. He has Elliott shower and cle...

Confessions of a Cock Servant

by JAKOFFAB5 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

I am a cock and cum slut. I truly mean that. I cannot get enough of men's cock. Morning, noon, and night, I love servicing hard, throbbing, dripping cocks, and feeling them fuck my throat until they shoot their warm creamy loads down my eager, waiting gullet. Of course, it is no surprise that this overwhelming desire makes me naturally submissive. Over the y...

Truck Stop

by Person12835 on Sep 26, 2017

You've been driving in your black silverado for 3 hours on your way to your friends cabin for the weekend. You're looking forward for a weekend of adventuring and drinking. After downing 4 mountain dews and a few burritos, duty calls and you stop at the truck stop rest stop. You walk in and there's 4 stalls and 6 urinals. Here's the bathroom setup: Stall 1 -...

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Men's Room

by peleiades on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

A pair of swinging, wood doors with dingy, translucent glass opened into the men's room of the recently-restored, historic building. Roger was careful to push he door on the right open, lest he smash into someone coming out the other door. He found himself in a large vestibule with another pair of wood and glass doors opening into the privacy of the huge men...

Confessions of a Cock Servant Ch. 02

by JAKOFFAB5 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

It had been two months since I first agreed to be a human urinal at Jon's bar and had undergone a total transformation training session with Uncle Bob. I spent two days a month in full rubber and installed as a urinal at the bar. The sessions were always hot, with lots of piss and cum to keep me well fed. Uncle Bob and Jon had seen to it that every day I "w...

The Hanky Code Pt. 08

by His_fag_wife on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

A round of applause went through the room accompanied by some cheering. It seemed I had done well as Masters' pig. As I squatted, completely spent, with my ass pussy completely filled by the huge barrel, filled with nearly 2lbs of rubber, not just stretching my actual pussy but also my insides. My lips still covered in cum and piss, I was still involuntaril...

The Urinal

by robertreams on Oct 15, 2017
Gay Male

The protagonist in this story, though an avid participant, intellectually, is physically a victim of a limited consent sex act, therefore, If you disapprove of limited consent stories DO NOT READ further. * * * I was standing at the urinal in a gas station one day, my sweats pulled part way down, when it occurred to me I should probably be in a stall if I...

Lessons from the Lee Glory Hole

by johnson69 on Aug 22, 2018
Gay Male

Why is the glory hole so very attractive to me? It's a hole in the wall. It might be in a public bathroom at a gas station, or in the bathroom of an adult theater (my first experience was there). There are many at adult video stores in the viewing booths. Some people set them up at their house and they advertised on the now defunct Craigslist. They all seem...

Human Urinal in the Cruise Club

by bijack69 on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

This is a true story. I was in Gran Canaria for the first time and open to new experiences. It was also the first time I had gone on a beach/hotel kind of holiday on my own. I wasn't sure if it would be a bit lonely going without any friends or anything, but I decided "what the hell, you only live once." I had chosen Gran Canaria, knowing that there were...