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A Bear Seduction Ch. 02

by wildrideagain on Sep 15, 2017
Gay Male

Pt 2: The Video I was sitting on the other side of the room watching the game. Kevin and a couple other guys on the couch. I kept reliving how Kevin seduced me into sucking his cock when the others left. I didn't even care if our team won today, I just wanted to get down on my furry bud. He was wearing the teams shorts, his thick muscular thighs exposed. I...

Breaking the Friend Zone Pt. 02

by scooter_bob on Sep 25, 2017
Gay Male

It had been a couple of days since me and my best friend had got drunk and sucked each other's dicks. We had still been playing video games online together and there was no awkwardness between us. I had jacked off to the memories of how it all happened and the feel of his cock in my mouth. I assume he was doing the same. We had planned on working out tonight...

Oliver's Balls

by newbitime on Sep 15, 2017
Gay Male

After graduation, and a bit of traveling, I started working in sales in the local offices of a national sporting goods company. As per the usual rights of passage, I started in a sales support position, and had to work my way up to the point where I was managing my own territory. For 3yrs now, I had been working my butt off! Arriving early, leaving late, and...

Cumslut Diaries - Third Encounter

by bigal999 on Mar 18, 2020
Gay Male

Another entry in the Cumslut Diary. I just got an email from the first guy that I met at the Hyatt. He said the salesmen said I was a keeper. He told me he saw the video and that they were going to show it at their weekend poker game. I'm getting a sinking feeling. He said that the maintenance techs were going to be in Savannah on Monday and that he would...

Talked into a Double Team

by jc1104 on Jul 4, 2018
Gay Male

Me and Derek have never been an exclusive couple, though we had been involved nearly five years. We could go stretches without even speaking—sometimes months at a time, and there were stretches where I pretty much lived at his apartment. We got along for the most part, and the sex was almost always good. But neither of us really wanted to be tied down; Derek...

It must've Been the Alcohol

by ggca11 on Feb 26, 2019
Gay Male

My life to this point had been pretty much by the book. I worked hard, got good grades, and managed to land a nice job right out of college. I had recently become engaged to my girlfriend of four years, and we had just purchased our first home together. It was a fairly modest condo in a newer development, but it was certainly better than renting. It was at t...

Best Friend

by desperado60 on Sep 19, 2017
Gay Male

This story is the absolute truth, told by me, the trickster. At the time this started, I was happily married to my second wife. She and I were always looking for different ways to spice up our love life. My best friend Gary would often come over for poker games and parties when he wasn't out with what seemed to be a different woman each weekend. We decided...

Nick's Account

by maxpotter on Jul 15, 2020
Gay Male

------------------ This story is for my boy Nick, and is closely based on him. I changed a little, but not too much of his character for this fictional story. I hope you enjoy this Nick, my good boy. -------------- Nick's Account "Sorry, I got the call just before I got here. Is it cool if I take it and get to it after I run to work and physically replac...

Denial and Acceptance

by onejustforfun on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

I was 18, and my friend of several years (Jeff) was had turned 18 just a few days before. We played on the same baseball team, and every year for last few we had at least a couple of classes together. So we were pretty close. We were both in good shape, but Jeff always had that certain something. He was about 5' 10" and had kind of round face that made dimpl...

My Top Fantasy

by WritingInAThong2020 on Oct 6, 2020
Gay Male

I have a fantasy about my best friend. We've been close since high school, bros doing bro stuff together, and as the years have gone on and we've gotten older our bro stuff has gotten older too. But we've always maintained the core of our relationship, the bro-dude template that defines everything about who we are. He's the alpha, the bigger, stronger one,...