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Jake Ch. 05

by BigJim1212 on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

As I was washing the cum off me, I realized he was right. Sean opened me up to something very new. I am the pussy boy that he says and it makes me feel whole. While I was doing this it also occurred to me that I hadn't eaten in a very long time. When you are as big as I am, you are used to eating every couple of hours. I can't lose any size and would prefer...

The Match

by DonnyDickson on Aug 28, 2017
Gay Male

"Ever wrestle before?" It was an odd question to come out of nowhere from someone I had just barely got to know. I stopped walking and looked down at my skinny frame for a moment, then back to the face of my college schoolmate. "Are you kidding?" I replied, laughing. "Do I look like a wrestler to you?" Perry, who really wasn't that much bigger than me phy...

William Ch. 02

by DougsLair on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

In the semi darkness of the room, I really couldn't see Williams face. Maybe that was a good thing. I mean, I just sucked off another guy, without asking, while he was asleep. Or I started while he was asleep. He said nothing, but after a few moments, his hands slid away from my head. With the taste of his cum still in my mouth, I pulled away, rose a bit,...


by Mostlyjoanna on Jan 14, 2018
Gay Male

Most of the time it sits in the garden, the frame which carries the garden swing bench. It has a canopy to give shade but I want neither the canopy or the's the frame that is essential to my day, but if I am to get it upstairs into the bedroom, I first have to take the triangulated legs apart and carry the separate bits upstairs and bolt it back to...

Mi Familia Ch. 06

by srlmort on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

The three grown men were laughing while sitting outside on the steps of the beach house. They recalled that evening of Jared catching Vince and Diante'. Diante' combed his dreads, shaking them out while staring into Jared's face. He leaned forward, stealing a smooch from his husband. "I thought you'd kill us that day." "Yeah well, I would have but...I knew...

Fixing the straights

by cdbaby on Dec 28, 2016

You wake up and prepare for your day, unaware that this would be the last day you would be considered straight. You shower as you did every morning and felt the water's warm touch as it cascaded over your skin. You could stay here forever if you could. But you need to start your day and the hot water would run out before long. You wash your hair, then the re...

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Guy Fun

by KingAngle666 on Jan 28, 2019

It was a Saturday in the early part of December and the eight soon-to-be-players were stuck at school, of course not by choice, but because detention always claimed its victims. Mr. Brown, one of the school's science teachers, led the group of seniors to the Study Hall, a windowless room where the were to serve their time like inmates. What none of them knew...

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St. Patrick's Day Shower

by AutocraticDoc on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

It was quite hot for St. Patrick's Day. I have learned through the years to be always on the alert for opportunity and often it comes when one least expects it. Nothing pleases me more that to "happen" on a heterosexual young man who has rendered himself unconscious by alcohol. So much the better if he is somewhat homophobic, not that I consider myself gay...

The Gym

by Dawns on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

I was two months into my 22nd year on the day when I bought a membership to the gym that was only a few moments away from my home. I had walked there from home wearing a back pack. Never having seen the inside of a real body builder's gym, I needed some pointers. I spent a few moments watching other people work at the pulley driven machines and free weight...

Management Training

by sabb on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

Thanks are due again to my great editor. ***** "Welcome gentlemen to day one of your two-day stay at the Holleyoak Lodge Management Development Centre." Holleyoak was residential, and James was addressing the ten men assembled in the dining room, sitting around a large, and very old, oak dining table. The current group were having a final coffee and had n...