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A Shift in Perspective

by CoburnAisling on Mar 18, 2020
Gay Male

Connor is talking about his model trains again. It's not that I dislike trains specifically; it's just... not exactly the most riveting of subjects. Especially when you really have to pee. The sun's been blazing all day, and without air conditioning, I've been drinking water to stay cool. Probably more water than was prudent, I think wryly. I can feel my bla...

A Run in the Park

by ThomJames on Aug 22, 2018
Gay Male

That day, we agreed to see each other in a park to run together. It was the first time we did this activity together. He was a regular jogger, and I was just beginning. On other occasions, we had seen each other in some remote parking lot, or in a movie theater, and not much else. "How is everything?" he asked casually, while we ran under some trees, "all i...


by IAmThePuppetMaster on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

It was shaping up to be a stressful day for Paul. The eighteen year old had spent the morning on his family's private golf course and most of the afternoon getting acquainted with his new private masseur only to enter the west kitchen for a snack and be blatantly disrespected by Alphonse, the uncouth new pool cleaner, causing him a level of stress he was not...

Gay Guys Can't Drive Ch. 01

by PoppinCox on Oct 31, 2018
Gay Male

Everyone has heard the old stereotype 'Gay guys can't drive'. Well, I am here to tell you that this stereotype is true. Even at 18, I hadn't improved much since getting my license. I've been pulled over more times than I can count, and the only thing that has saved me from dozen of tickets has been my good looks. And, well, my willingness to suck a few cop d...

Rugby Desperation

by CoburnAisling on Feb 10, 2020
Gay Male

Corin had been holding it the whole first half. He'd meant to go before the game started, but had gotten caught up in the pre-game hype with the other rugger lads. He'd then planned to go at half-time break, but coach had kept them through the entire thing to discuss strategy. Now they were headed towards the second kick-off, and he was in trouble. He squee...


by Timpoo on Oct 3, 2018
Gay Male

David sat at home in his kitchen on a plastic chair and felt the last few dribbles of piss run from his dick and into his underpants whilst what had not been soaked up by his wet grey corduroy shorts made a puddle underneath him. He pushed his lap-top away from himself and ran his hands over the front of his saturated corduroy. Now he had finished wetting hi...


by Backlash3906 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

Ok, first time writing original fiction, let alone erotica, so be merciful people. Please leave feedback! ------------------------------------------------- I can still remember how pretty Alex looked sleeping. Almost angelic even. Little wisps of his impossibly blonde hair spilling over his forehead, despite his best efforts to tie it back during his eveni...

Third Time Is the Charm

by Boytoy80 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

I steered my Saab on to Exit 4, almost home now. I'd been on vacation on Cape Cod for a week now, alone. Gage had had to stay home due to work circumstances beyond his control, and I couldn't wait to see him. With every bump in the road, my cock rubbed against my underwear, making me harder with anticipation. It was as if a homing beacon called to me from th...

Hoffner and his Elf

by BigWig69 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

I was lying in bed next to Hoffner. He had just finished making sweet love to me and I was lying on his silver haired chest, slowly and softly, licking his soft pink nipples. Our legs were entwined, his large, powerful hand, caressing and squeezing my balls. We had been seeing a lot more of each other, meeting in hotels or at his place when his wife was out...

Interruption Time

by sabb on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

I stand in the doorway and watch my lover sitting there, he looks busy, engrossed, as he usually does. I smile because he hasn't heard me arrive and I like to see him unaware like that. I am buzzing, my cock is buzzing tantalizingly thinking about him, about his body, his flesh mobile under my hands. Thinking about my body exploring his warm internal spaces....