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Packing in Tight Places Ch. 02

by drmweaver705 on Jun 8, 2020
Gay Male

All participants are over 18. I entered the code to unlock the door to the storage warehouse with trembling fingers and not a little trepidation. After all, strange as it may seem, the last time I was here, a week ago, I was taken roughly from behind. My anal cherry had been popped by a man whose face I had never seen. I came twice from this man's violation...

The Bartender Ch. 02

by Pan2 on Jun 8, 2020
Gay Male

As soon as Roger walked through the saloon-style doors, Kent reached for a glass. He'd never before seen a man in such need of a drink. If the dark rings under his brown eyes weren't enough, his incorrectly buttoned-up shirt and mop of dishevelled brown hair clearly used to more attention than it was currently getting were a clear indication that Roger was...

A Gay Surprise

by Compdood on Sep 25, 2017
Gay Male

I get home from work one day. As I walk in the front door my wife greets me, dressed in a skimpy little outfit. Her hair is cut in a short bob style and dyed bleach blonde. Her eyebrows are brown as is her bush, which is shaved in a small strip which I can faintly see through the fishnet skirt she has on. It's a smoking hot look that she's kept for a while....

Couple’s Massage

by harrybottom on Jun 8, 2020
Gay Male

This story is based on a dream I had. I wasn't sure what category this should go in. There's a lot going on. Some straight loving stuff, some lesbian stuff, but its mostly gay male stuff. All characters are over 18 ——— I've never really liked getting massages from a professional it always makes me uncomfortable. Having a woman that isn't my wife touch...

My Little Pussyboy

by sissy11 on Jun 1, 2020
Gay Male

This is my first story ever after years of reading this website. I switch the pronouns between he and she sometimes for the boy, but he is still a boy. I'm currently writing more and will post if people enjoy! *** We had been dating for almost a year and a half now, and I was getting ready to pop the question. He was young, slim and smooth, just how I like...

First Taste of Cock

by Rocket19 on Sep 2, 2017
Gay Male

My latest bondage creation has got to be my finest. It has all the components necessary to make both the slave and the master very happy. I started with some square tube steel; forming it into an upside down "Y" with a crossbar two thirds of the way up the leg of the Y. Both the crossbar and the leg of my inverted Y are adjustable to allow for the height of...

Wife's Gift

by jaygreenx on Sep 25, 2017
Gay Male

All rights reserved - this story is a work of fiction and remains the property of the writer. It was my 39th birthday and I was coming home from the office. I wasn't really looking forward to a birthday party, but I was hoping for some birthday sex. My wife, Sheila, was an amazing woman and we had a great sex life. Lately she had been talking a lot about...

The Older Man Pt. 01

by t2u1ck on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

How is it that a normally straight lad starts to get the hots for older men. I think it started for me in my teens with some of my teachers at school. I was never particularly interested in my classmates but when it came to the teachers there were times when I couldn't take my eyes off them - even to the point that I wasn't listening to what they were saying...

Close to the Phone

by LesGermane on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

"I want you to come over here and suck my dick." Tony's voice, even across the phone lines, had an air of authority. My hands and feet got cold and my stomach and chest got tight. I could feel my heart beating. I was alone in my apartment on a lazy Saturday morning in October. My wife had driven up to North Carolina to visit her mother and sister over her f...

Two Married Guys Ch. 01-02

by Soshameless11 on Oct 21, 2019
Gay Male

Chapter 1 It had been a long flight and hellish Uber into the city, and Tom just wanted a beer and a burger. Room service was done for the night, so he headed down to the bar, where he figured he could at least get the beer. There was a game on -and one guy at the bar. This place wasn't exactly hopping at 11:45 on a Wednesday night. The bartender was a cut...