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A Change of Heart for Leander Ch. 02

by RobMontague on Sep 19, 2017
Gay Male

Noah: you out this weekend gorgeous? x x x Nile: Not this weekend no, with my girlfriend for the weekend. x Noah: Mmm lucky girl. x x x Nile rolled his eyes and stuffed the phone into his pocket. Noah was certainly interested in him, nothing he did put him off. He had tried not replying but then felt bad so caved in. He sighed and let himself into Jasmine...

A Change of Perspective Ch. 03

by VCHeysham on Sep 19, 2017
Gay Male

August 2009 From: [simonvermeulen] To: [jameshamilton] Subject: Testing testing Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009 02:49:24 Just a quick one to say we made it to the airport okay. And thanks for a great day :-) Si From: [jameshamilton] To: [simonvermeulen] Subject: RE Testing testing Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009 02:51:12 My pleasure. What time's your flight? James x PS I...

Lust and Desire

by KibaBlackfire on Dec 17, 2017
Gay Male

Author's Note: Here's another ONESHOT. Except this one is specifically for YAOI lovers. I implore you to read, review and remember good or bad; I like feedback. -Kiba Blackfire ***** Every night, it's always the same. Xayne would take a shower being trapped in a dorm with a boy who embodied wild fantasies of a very lustful sort. Out of all the guys he had...

A Change of Heart for Leander Ch. 04

by RobMontague on Sep 19, 2017
Gay Male

[All will be revealed about Noah and Nile sooooon!] Jason was pushed back against the car in the driveway. Leander was pressed tightly against him, their lips together, fighting for dominance. Leander finally managed to get Jason in through the front door and started to strip him. By the time the were in his bedroom there was a trail of Jason's clothes behi...

Ryan's Revenge Ch. 01

by dirtyword on Sep 25, 2017
Gay Male

I grew up in a small town in Utah. The population of Colt City was about 7500 citizens. Most everyone was in the ranching or farming trade. In middle school and high school I was in the choir and a member of the national honor society. I didn't like sports and hated gym class. I was smaller than most guys my age and was bullied from elementary school right u...

A Change of Heart for Leander Ch. 03

by RobMontague on Sep 19, 2017
Gay Male

[[Hello! Going to be a bit of a killjoy here - some of you don't like how it's going, well then can you stop reading please? I write these for myself and choose to share them with you, I don't write them for you. The ending has been written long, long ago and it will not change. Thank you for the comments and emails, they are appreciated.]] * Leander walk...

College Fund Ch. 06

by bjmichaels on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

The world in the 21st century has been dominated by chaos, uncertainty, needless wars of aggression, police shootings and protests, economic insecurity, and the prevailing attitude that our lives in America will never again be what they were twenty-thirty years ago. Once commonly held 'truths' have been smashed and destroyed. No longer do we take for gran...

The Game Bus Ch. 01

by darkfaded on Jan 28, 2020
Gay Male

**Station 1: The Game Starts** After stepping a few steps into the room, the light from the door illuminating his path suddenly vanished as the door automatically closed shut and locked itself. Adam is now standing in total darkness, void of any light, as though he had closed his eyes shut. He put out his hands and feels around, stepping ahead one foot at a...

Bigrig Ch. 08

by windstormy on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

Jonathan gasped, as he tried to roll over onto his right side. He had become sore, since Tony had helped him with his little problem that morning. The soreness had progressed throughout the day. Now he could barely move because of it. "What gives, kid?" Tony asked, standing from the chair he had been sitting in. "I can't move anymore... It hurts to much."...

Fun in the X-Ray Room Ch. 01

by sunmis on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

This is my first story so I introduce myself, I am Sunil 29years age and have a boyfriend but this story is about the Doctor advising me to have an X – ray of my rectum. So off Sunil went for this X – ray to a hospital nearby. This hospital is quite big and the X – ray room is very far from the main entrance and the reception. Sunil paid the charges and wen...