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Infinite Scroll

The Mage and the Bear Ch. 08

by maulkin on Sep 1, 2017
Gay Male

8. Roger kept his hand on me as we drove in silence back to my house. I was thinking, rolling the pieces around in my hand. I had a suspicion, I had an idea, and I was in lock-down full-bore mage mode, which did not do anything for any kind of sexual attraction. Roger must have sensed it because he didn't try and tease me. "Do you need my help?" Nettie ask...

Cock-Sucker: The Day of The Gay

by tristantrotsky on Aug 31, 2017
Gay Male

THE WORLD TAKEN OVER BY SEX-ZOMBIES It starts with a sound. One shrill long blast of sound... I was lying on the bed with Mark. He was sucking my cock. Not that urgent kind of frantic build-up cock-sucking, but the slow leisurely self-indulgent cock-socking that comes some time after climax. In that warm afterglow of sex. And he's so good. Which makes it a...

The Mage and the Bear Ch. 04

by maulkin on Sep 1, 2017
Gay Male

4 Swan Point Cemetery was at the north end of Blackstone Boulevard, a very ritzy section of Providence. H.P. Lovecraft is buried in a smaller cemetery just a little further to the north, a stone's throw over the wall in Swan Point. Nettie brought us toward the family plot but had to stop a couple of small paths away. I could see the crane that was normally...

Boys Side of the Hottub

by speedodave on Jan 7, 2019
Gay Male

Let me set the scene and update anyone who hasn't been reading the blog for the last couple of months. I'm new in town but have become friends with a group of people who do a bit of hiking and snowboarding. In this group there is this the 'bi swinging couple', as they have been referred to. The bi swinging couple are Nikki and Matt. Nikki is Canadian and run...

Fawned - A PetPlay Romance Ch. 04

by WinterPior on Mar 2, 2020
Gay Male

The next time they saw each other, they did not have sex. Barnaby didn't even know he'd be seeing Gil. It hadn't been a very good day, so he wasn't particularly In The Mood to start with. Hadn't so much as texted his 'friend' (Were they friends?). Gil didn't need to hear about the potted plants he dropped in front of his entire class because he didn't stop...

Pretty Emo Boys Kissing

by Nothinglikethesun on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

The first time Adrian and Jamie kissed was a total accident. A few weeks before, Jamie had decided it was time for him and Adrian to start a band, since, as he pointed out, they were eighteen and pretty soon would graduate from high school. "If we don't start a band," he pointed out in that Southern drawl of his, "we'll have to work for a living." Adrian d...

Cock-Sucker Tales: The Random Rod 02

by tristantrotsky on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

We proudly present the second part of the first in a series of unjustly neglected underground classics of erotica, revived and reinterpreted for your entertainment and pleasure by Tristan Trotsky, a noted dilettante of decadent literature. --- 0 --- The earnest literary critic can but conjecture about the state of mind of the author of the sad and perverse...

Between Friends

by whitechocolate3 on Nov 5, 2018
Gay Male

It was a fact that I never had done anything gay, before Jeff. I didn't even know where to begin. I wasn't even interested enough to look it up on the internet. But curiosity eventually won in my case. My name is Daniel, and Jeff is my friend. We met in college. He was a tall black dude who was interested in medical school just like I was. We more specific...

Kyle and Will

by Bellad19 on Sep 25, 2017
Gay Male

This is my first submission folks. I've been sitting on this for the better part of the year and I will never know if my other stories are worth anything if I don't get feedback. All I ask is that you be kind. ***** Kyle was my best friend. He lived next door and our whole lives until HS graduation we were inseparable. We got into all kinds of trouble tog...

In The Midnight Hour

by gregshaw on Aug 30, 2017
Gay Male

One Friday night I was at a loose end and getting hornier and hornier. Since my adventures began with Chris & Jay (I'd als had some strap on from one of our lady playmates) I'd become more active in seeking other guy's cock. But nothing was happening, no FWB action, I didn't trust cruising spots and the few Man-On-Man websites I'd signed up for were full of...