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Tales of My Slutty Sister

by lovecraft68 on Mar 16, 2020

Author's note: Welcome to my April Fools' contest entry. Being this contest is in the spirit of having fun at another's expense, I decided to have some fun by making this story! Literotica plays a key role as a frustrated young man turns fantasies of his big sister into the hottest new series on lit. Enjoy. Tales of My Slutty Sister Chapter 28 S...

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Summer's Blackmail Ch. 27

by wilcox010 on Jul 10, 2019

Summer got back to the house at 9:30 PM on Saturday night. She had been manipulated by two men who had controllers for the butt plug and vibrating egg that had been inserted by Sandy at the salon. The men had been sitting at their separate tables watching the teacher arrive at the Pub. They had let her settle onto the barstool and watched as he drank the dri...

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Manhattan Madness

by Chile Peeler on Sep 15, 2017

Chapter 1 Jim Andrews stared through the window of the plane as it came in for a landing at LaGuardia. He had never seen anything as impressive as the island of Manhattan; it looked like every square inch of the island was filled with a skyscraper. At 18 years of age, the biggest city he had ever traveled to had been Des Moines. When his sister, Elizabeth...

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