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Infinite Scroll

Protect Your Wife/Girlfriend!

by sammythewizard on Oct 24, 2017
Cheating Spouses

Let’s choose who you want to play as (or play with) you will have 2, maybe 3 options depending if I want to throw in a horny brother or seductive best friend into the mix. Sarah is a young, 23 year old blonde girl. She has deep blue eyes, plump, round butt, a beautiful rack that gets everyone’s attention, and a certain naivete that is probably the reason Eth...

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Me and My Shadow Ch. 01

by MasterOfSin on Sep 2, 2017
Erotic Couplings

A new project! I'm not sure where i am going with this but i do have a few favors to ask for your readers. i wasn't in the popular click in school so i have near no idea what people with mire then 2 friends do on a day to day basis so I'm gonna kinda take suggestions from comments. Otherwise updates might be slower than my normal speed. ***** I first notic...

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Defeat of Video Game Characters

by Random308 on Jan 23, 2019

Across video games, there are always stunning heroines or dashing heroes, stunning villains, or gorgeous villainesses. Be them a humble village girl or an evil sorcerer, at some point, they may have been defeated. Who wouldn't want to see such stunning beauties and handsome men in such scenarios? This story is all about video game characters being bested whe...

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Ancient Royal Incest

by vic_elor on Jun 30, 2007

It is an age pasted, long before all the technical and advanced trappings of the modern world. Men fight with horses rather then tanks and swords rather then machine guns. A thousand miles is the edge of your world and beyond it lies the unknown. You are the crowned prince of your small but powerful country. As the only son of the late king you stand to inhe...

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Cartoon ENP

by Humilatron on Mar 18, 2020
Fan Fiction

From Disney to anime to cartoon characters, witness the humiliation and embarrassment of your favorite characters. To make it easier to find the characters, the branches will be split up into a few branches first anime and non-anime and then it'll be grouped with letters instead of having one giant list. Please make sure to put the characters in the proper c...

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The Glass Door

by JackOLantern on Oct 16, 2018

((Author's note: I have made this story open to the public. I encourage people to post their own chapters and threads. If you are a potential writer want an idea of how the mirror works, read the first handful of chapters in my main thread to get an idea. You are under no obligation to make it function in the same way unless you want to, however. Have fun wi...

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Create a wrestler- Asia Edition

by lilguy31 on Nov 13, 2018

Inspired by my story And the later rebooted Welcome to the Mixed wrestling league. It is a wrestling league where fights are run by the traditional pin fall or sexual battle. First one who cums loses, or sometime it is last person standing. First one to pass...

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Porn God Ch. 09

by XFABLES on Oct 5, 2020
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

It was a summer morning with the birds chirping around. No loud vehicles driving past the neighborhood, it was a quaint scene of a very perfect residential area. Contrastingly, the scene of complete complementing elements became diverse by an odd couple. On one side was a rough-looking older male, on the other, it was a slice of chocolate-made sight of a we...

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Futanari Ballbusting: Rich

by RichardPercival on Sep 16, 2017

Breaking the fourth wall here, yesterday I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed and I'm a tad loopy from the pain killers. I'm stuck in my house and decided this is a good way to kill time, sorry if the quality of the story is not that great. ***** I think small cocks are easily the best. They're just so easy to fit in your hand, most futas with small p...

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Aphrodite's Shell Ch. 03

by markydaysaid on Sep 15, 2017

Story till now: Marky was invited by his girlfriend Lolita Kwon, and her mother Dominique Kwon, on an erotic cruise ship. Although apprehensive about being on a giant boat for several weeks surrounded by thousands of horny vacationers, Marky has decided he must go to protect Loli from her ex-boyfriend, Marcus Black, and his sadistic girlfriend, Sophia Underl...

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